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Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 28th, 2005
by Roger-z2FGx
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Sound Quality
I tried this cable with a bass and acoustic guitar, which are my main instruments. It clarified the sound with both. I have been working with music and sound for forty years and have finally found what has been bugging me. Whenever I adjust E.Q. settings I really am trying to adjust bothering sounds OUT. I find myself trying to reduce trouble spots. I have always attributed this to having an instrument that was of some questionable quality. Sure, All guitars and basses have something that sticks out or seems to be missing. Until now I had no idea how much the signal is affected by cable. O.K. How about this: I had a cable which I recently got from a music store. That's what started this whole thing. When playing that cable I switched to an older, but more substantial cable and got a better sound. Better frequency response across the sound band. Deciding that cables could be significant, I bought a Mogami cable on the internet and AGAIN! got a much better signal across the band. At that point I started to think if things could possibly be any better! I was totally happy with the sound. Couldn't believe it had wasted so much time over the years trying to remove sounds which were being generated by cable. I then started research into high end cable. I ended up at Evidence cable. I drove a hundred miles in one direction to test my setup against Evidence cable. If Evidence cable didn't win I would have still wrote this review for enticing me to waste my time and gas for nothing. The Evidence cable took away a low end anomoly and added high end making it possible to TURN UP my gear because it was unobtrusive. That's why Euphonic bass cabs can be turned up so loud, they don't intrude at certain freqs. Not having the usual things happening might take some time to adjust to the clarity. My musical grail has been found. I will no longer be wasting my time playing the E.Q. intead of the bass. The same for acoustic guitar. If I could I would give this a 15 for letting me get to this understanding.
N/A Time will tell.
General Comments
If you don't upgrade to Evidence, then for the sake of your sound at least seriously look into better cable. You will pay a small price for a lifetime of music.
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