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Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 1st, 2003
by Wensleydale
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Sound Quality
I run these cables to my pedalboard and from the pedalboard to the amp, as well as directly from guitar to amp in some instances. The guitars used range from a custom-made Knight Archtop to a '55 Telecaster; two custom-made Tele's with Barden pickups, a '64 ES-335, and an old Danelectro DC. The board has pedals that vary with the job, but is wired throughout with George L's cable. Amps range from tweed Fenders, blackface deluxes and Vibroluxes, to a Victoria 50212 and an AC-30. I've even used a tricked-out Peavey Classic 30 on occaision (JJ tubes and a Weber P12B - light, loud, and sounds surpisingly good!) the board is wired through a True bypass box rewired with audioquest and neutrik innards, so I can take everything out of line with a quick stomp. These cables are simply wonderful. They have all of the presence of the George L's, but none of the shrill-ness. The overall "tonal landscape" is much more natural and relaxed sounding - sort of like listening to a properly-driven pair of quality electrostatic louspeakers. I'm really very impressed with them...and I've been playing for a long enough time (35 of my 41 years) that I don't impress easily anymore! (for better or worse...)
These cable are extremely well made, and it is easy to see that very much thought, as well as care, went into not only their design, but their manufacture. From the foamed polypropylene insulation to the graphite tape wrap, this is premium stuff. They use Neutrik plugs, which are in my experience, the best, and most of the professionals I have worked with seem to concur.
General Comments
I do studio work, sideman jobs, and pit work and I play most styles in lots of different situations. I don't really like giving "10s" to most equipment, because there is usually some kind of price/performance tradeoff in the design or manufacturing process in most goods. This is not the case here. These products reek of professionalism, and I like to think that while it's true what they say..."It's a poor workman who blames his tools," You don't want (or expect) a professional to be satified with mediocre equipment - especially considering the size of the market. They make a first-rate product and you can rest assure that it will truly be money well spent.
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