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Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 21st, 2005
by Pierre Ayotte
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Sound Quality
What a great cable! I bought two of them (Lyrics HG), going from guitar to pedalboard, and pedalboard to amp. Not cheap, but certainly an excellent value for the money. It's the kind of purchase you do, quickly incorporate in your setup, notice the improvement right away, forget about it for a while, then one day you change wires for some reason and when your tone suddenly misses something you go "Whoa, I totally forgot I had that cable in there for a good reason!". I've been on an analog tonal quest lately, and my gear is like this: Heavily modified Strat Plus (Kinman pickups, titanium bridge, earvana compensated nut, sustainiac, gearless tuners, soon to have a graphite reinforced neck; maybe I should have built it from scratch...), a few good analog pedals (valvulator-1 preamp, mold spore wah/rindmod, fulldrive2, dejavibe, robotalk, ad-900 delay), modified Traynor 50amps tube amp. I do rock, but I also have a noise band (feedback cowboys), and this is where I see the most improvements, as I match the miked amp to a direct line on the board. The direct line really reveals how much of the bass, warmth, dynamics and overall balance you retain with these cables. I'm still using George L's for my pedalboard patch cords because it's rather cramped and they are really compact and good enough, but if Evidence Audio starts manufacturing them in a similar way I'll certainly order a few more.
Very solidly built (Neutrik plugs, better quality solder, etc). Easy to modify as well, in case you want to shorten them. You just cut them, get Neutrik plugs and solder yourself (preferably with the suggested solder). It's the wire constuction/material that's the real differentiating factor, as opposed to just getting good parts and making one yourself. I'd recommend buyers to go check the information on the web site; it has taught me a lot about cable chemistry. They sell other useful cables there as well (speakers, mikes, even power cords). At any rate, I covered my pedalboard-to-amp Evidence cable with black protective flexible plastic; you always get people walking all over cables on stage, and I'd like to preserve the lifespan of this one as much as I can.
General Comments
-Amongst the best sounding transparent cables -Very good bang for the buck in this high end category -Nice detailed web infos -Professionnal and courteous service Wishlist: make them available in different colors.
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