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Dobro Hound Dog Resophonic Guitar
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 27th, 2008
by Rev. Jerry
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Sound Quality
I play many styles of music: Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock and Roll. I use the Dobro for Country and Blues. I normally play the Dobro through my preamps and into the P.A. For my other guitars (and occasionally the Dobro) I use an assortment of amps: Fender Blues Deluxe, Fender Blues Junior, Carvin (late 70s 50 watt with EL 34s that nicely contrast the 6L6s in the Blues Deluxe and the EL 84s in the Junior), and a Fender Pro 185 Solid State that just sounds wonderful. The Dobro was unplayable electrically without preamping it, but with the preamps, I have no problem getting great, vibrant tone that is easily adjusted for bass, treble and midrange. The Dobro is not particularly universal sound-wise, but it is perfect for old country and really bluesy blues. I love this guitar.
I play this guitar regularly on stage and have never had a problem--nor do I expect any. I play this guitar on a stand on stage, and never use a strap, but the strap button is built into the output jack, and that always makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I do depend on this instrument as it is my only Dobro, and I play it on stage without a backup; I owned a Fender but sold it when I got the Gibson. Of course, if something did go wrong with the Dobro, I could limp by by using one of my electrics with a finger slide in a pinch, but it would not sound as good as my Dobro.
General Comments
I've been playing guitar for 42 years. I own two Telecasters (a 50th anniversary Japanese-made Telecaster and a Mexican-built Nashville), a couple of Stratocasters I custom built, a Washburn J-6 with a 57 Gibson Classic in the neck and a Duncan Phatcat in the bridge (totally rewired with CTS pots and orange drop caps), a '60 Gibson Melody Maker, an early '90s Gibson All American Special II, and an Alvarez acoustic. This Dobro is not my first resonator, and I'm happy with it. I was playing the Fender resonator, but I was not totally satisfied with the sound which prompted me to buy the Gibson. If it were lost or stolen, I'd have to get another because it is an integral part of my playing. I use it for at least three songs every set. As I mentioned earlier, I'm glad the Dobro came with a passive pickup. I can only advise the people who are complaining about how weak it is to go out and buy an external Fishman preamp, and then they should see a significant improvement in amplified sound quality. I feel that the A.R.T. tube preamp rounds out the sound just perfectly.
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