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Boss TU-12H High-Range Chromatic Tuner
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 11th, 2001
by Garry Vogel
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Sound Quality
It will suck up your tone if you leave it patched inline. The higher the output impedance of whatever come before it, the worse this will be.
WARNING: THESE DAMN BOSS TUNERS HAVE CIRCUITBOARD-MOUNTED JACKS!! They *ABSOLUTELY* *WILL* fail eventually. Take it from someone who knows!! I have owned at least five of these things, and they all failed at the input jack. Sure, you can repair the circuit board traces, but it WILL fail again, and usually at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME!! After it breaks, open the damn thing up, solder a jumper across the trace, and sell it cheap to your least favorite musician. Why, oh why, doesn't Boss sell a more rugged version with real jacks mounted to the case? Most of their pedals are tough as a Minnesota winter. Not these things, though.
General Comments
Even though they are still the best small tuner on the market, the jack problem continues. I don't abuse my equipment, just normal professional use. But when the SAME THING HAPPENS ON FIVE UNITS, you have to question its design. If your TU-12 dies, it's almost a given that the jacks have pulled up the circuit board traces. Open it up and check it out, before you go to the hassle of getting it serviced.
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