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Boss TU-12 Tuner
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 22nd, 2009
by Bernhard-GHR_A
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Sound Quality
N/a, because I wouldn't use this instead of a floor tuner pedal such as the Boss TU-2. Tune before playing, otherwise I'd recommend the new little chromatic clip-on-the-headstock tuners, they work for anything from mandolins to metal guitar rigs to a Fender bass without having to be plugged into the pedal chain. No loss of sound then... but for easy, VERY accurate instrument tuning, the TU-12 is unbeatable.
Have used mine for over 21 years - just realised that the pub I played in was the same pub I'd lost the TU-12 in 20 years ago and got it back... thank God! It survived anything, 15 year old punk son "borrowing" it and walking on it, battery leaks, drops, beer spill etc.. it's so old and used that the vinyl case it's in (keep it in that, it helps protect it!!!) has completely disintegrated and has gradually been substtuted by gaffa tape. My guitarplaying mate has abused his TU12 also for over 20 years and it's in better condition than mine (no punks..) THE MOST DEPENDABLE THING I HAVE! Don't need a backup ever, mysteriously it always gets borrowed by any other muso in bands when theirs stuff up.
General Comments
Anything from African Guitar Pop to blues, rock, to acoustic music - tuner works for anything. Played for 35 years, mostly guitar. The best tuner of all times... paid AUD $90 22 years ago and although it costs about double now, I'd buy excactly the same one now without hesitation. BTW, I have a range of other (cheaper, digital) tuners, some of which are OK (best value and coming close to the TU12 but not quite is the Planet Waves chromatic digital tuner). The only other tuner worthy having which does other things better is the clip-ons, but they are not half as quick and accurate, flicker etc... If you want one good tuner for the rest of your life, buy this one - no, and I'm not working for Boss. Hate corporations.
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