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Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 Rhythm Machine
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 17th, 2009
by Macvee
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Sound Quality
As I read a lot of the views on this from other people about the sound quality I kept thinking what are they talking about. The effects ghosts notes and the like are fine. DR-880 is very quite you don't even know it's on. I had no problem with the sounds,which by the way can be tweaked either inside the 880 or in your DAW. You will be surprised at how many records you might listen to that were done with DR-880 or another drum machine,Every thing after the fact gets compressed anyway.So whats the problem? I also called a few online stores before I bought the 880 and guess what they all recommended yep' the DR-880 that means their feed back is good for this machine.
No problems so far,even though I dropped it ah few times. I never use any machine without a backup plan.
General Comments
After using this machine over and over again and learning about the features and limitations I find the DR-880 is just what the doctor ordered When you have an idea late at night that wake you up you want to be able to move fast and lay down your thoughts right away also if you can't play live bass,the bass feature allows for on the spot work benefit.I've been singing and writing songs for awhile and own the 003,Yamaha xs6,Boss 1600,MPC 5000 and mix using the Focusrite liquid Channel also have tons of software from Cubase 5 on up down and around and in my opinion the 880 can hold it's own with any of them. I use it cause the sound is their and the work flow is fast and fluid and what I don't like I fix in my DAW.For the price and what it does I think you get your money worth and then some. Having used a few of the more pricey drum machines the 880 is right their with them sound wise. Like I said it all is gets compressed anyway so what is the problem.
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