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Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 26th, 2007
by John Tardif
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Sound Quality
Drum sounds are ok, but not stunning. Not really very realistic. Some have a high cheese factor. The patterns all suffer from over-loud hi-hats. The bass sounds are pretty weak, unless you want to recreate that slap bass part from Seinfeld. It has effects in a section called TSC (Total Sound Control). These are called "soundshape" and "ambience", one is reverb type stuff, other one is compression or gate, but there's not a huge difference and I forget which is which because it's a bit confusing. I think it's a way of making the patterns sound different while having a limited number of sounds available.
Turned on and off and made noises. Other than that fine. Plastic was wearing off the corners when I got it. Screen was a little scratched. It's cheap. It's plastic. It won't withstand dropping/treading on/spilling beer into.
General Comments
If it were stolen? To be honest, it's already on eBay. I suppose you get what you pay for. Don't believe all the marketing gumph. The guys at Boss must be easily impressed. if you want to jam along to something in your bedroom it's great. But you may end up sounding like Julio Iglesias or really bad Motorhead. (Not sure if there's any other kind of Motorhead) If you want to replace a drummer - not really, although it won't hit on your girlfriend, turn up late, speed up after every fill and complain about all the gear it has to carry around. I wanted something I could gig with but this isn't it.
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