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Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 19th, 2007
by Maxx-EHUuY
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Sound Quality
I play this out through the stereo system in my music room and the sound quality is incredible for me. Very, very realistic drum sounds. Very inspiring to jam along with and really, sounds just like a recording of a drum kit. I'm not expecting it to have human nuances that of course you hear with a real drummer so I'm not saying it sound like that right out of the box. I play hard rock and old school metal stuff mostly. I'm so happy it has bass tones that I'm not going to get fussy over their sound quality. They are a bit electronic sounding, less convincing than the drums, though still convincing in context. The tap tempo is a great feature.
I would baby this thing and not expect it to tolerate being dropped to a hard floor. It seems a well built as anything these days which is to say well enough to hold up under normal use, but not well enough to tolerate any abuse.
General Comments
I should have bought a drum machine a LONG time ago. As a practise aide this is fantastic for pushing me in directions I don't normally go. I love just turning on a new patch, setting the tempo then jamming to it. My friends always comment I have the best time they've ever heard from a guy who doesn't play in a band. However, I do a lot things in odd times without realizing it and turn beats around a lot, so this little machine is going whip me into shape and not a day too soon! I'm looking foward to the education I need of programing my own beats to jam with. I'm also looking foward to recording simple groove jams and the sound quality of this thing is just fantastic to my ears for that. I didn't see any other low cost drum machine with bass tones and I am amazed that that is not a standard feature with drum machines. If only you could easily transpose factory preset bass tones on the fly this would be a dream come true for me. Despite this huge bummer, I'm still very happy with it and intend to keep it. Worth every penny for my level of demands.
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