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Benson Custom Benson Custom Noiseless Stratocaster Pickups
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 16th, 2010
by Brad Rapp
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Sound Quality
So I didn't really know what I had when first installed. I knew they were rich and warm yet spanky like a Strat should be. The true test was when we A/B'd my Warmoth with the Benson Custom set against a Fender Custom Shop Strat with the vintage pickup configuration. To be more precise, we plugged both into a '95 Fender Custom Shop 50th anniversary Prosonic with Weber speakers and Mercury Magnetics output transformer upgrade. This amp has two inputs.To my amazement, both guitars sounded almost identical. The only difference was mine was a little richer, but that could be explained by the larger gauge of strings I was using, 11's while he had 9's. But sonically they were so close, you could never tell the difference. Except mine were as quiet as any humbucking pickup, while he had a bit of the old 60 cycle hum.Noiseless Strat pickups are known to not have the "true" Strat sound. Admittedly these have a softer high end than his single coil's. To me this is a big plus, this is the first Strat that I want to use the bridge pup on, most others are too shrill and ice-picky for me.The set is well matched between all 3 volume wise, and even though I say they are softer in the high end, there is plenty of bite. For me they are more musical. And when compared to the best Fender has to offer in a non-noiseless pickup, they hold their own, to the point you would be hard pressed to tell which is which. Wow!
No way to know yet, but it should last...forever.
General Comments
John is building world class pickups at bargain basement prices. The fact that you can order a pickup built just for you, exactly to your specs, and at about a third the price of "name brand" pickups is amazing. Don't for a second think the quality or sound is comenserate with the price. You are buying a pickup made the way they were making them when a guitar pickup was the real deal. You could spend a fortune on original vintage pickups. Or you could have these for a song. Can the ear tell the difference? Not as much as your wallet can!Don't think twice. Buy them!
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