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behringer Eurodesk SL2442FX-PRO Mixer
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 4th, 2009
by Gary-4Cefk
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Sound Quality
Good mic's, equipment and musicians are the frontline to any sound. You can't fix bad mic's or techniques with this or any other board. The EQ section is weak compared to Mackie or Yamaha, but that's why I use 31 band EQ's on mains and monitors. I rarely use the channel EQ's and if I do, remember, less is better, not more, i.e., reduce the frequencies around your problem, don't increase. You can't make it sound better if it isn't there to start with! If you have a real problem use a good parametric EQ/preamp on the channel. I use two Behringer amps, an EP2000 for monitors and EP4000 for mains and have not had any problems with the board or amps. The power is for headroom, not loudness, and that can make a big difference even with a less expensive board like this one. Our sound is clear and clean without noise. The effects are not Lexicon or TC high end, but are adequate, again for the price you pay. Knowing how to use the effects can also be a big part as to whether they sound good or not. The preamps are okay. If you have a weak singer, try one of the better handheld condensor mics and you can keep your gain lower for better sound. Again, evaluate your whole situation, not just the board. Like the old saying: "garbage in, garbage out" The board only gives you what you give it.
The board has worked without any problems for me. Behringer gets a lot of bad publicity and I'm sure there are those who have experienced problems, but I had a Mackie die on me out of the box, so no one is 100% safe from problems. I carry a small unpowered mixer as a backup regardless of the brand of main board. That way I can at least keep the vocals mic'd and continue a performance if my board fails. Everyone should be prepared regardless of the brand you're using.
General Comments
The board serves our group well for our music and instruments. I have been playing and recording for 20 years and have found that some gear justifies the price, and some doesn't. Evaluate your "real" need, not your desire, and what will accomplish what you need to do at a reasonable price. I could have bought a more expensive board, but just didn't need it. That's the real lesson. If vocals are the bread and butter of your group spend your money on quality mics! You'll be amazed at how good even a moderately priced board will sound with good mics if you use it properly.
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