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behringer Eurodesk SL2442FX-PRO Mixer
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 7th, 2004
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
I compared this board to an Allen & Heath Mixwizard 16:2 that the store had. I pumped the same song through both boards and auditioned them with headphones. The Behringer has good mic preamps, but not as clear as the A&H. The only good EQ on the Behringer is the low cut switch. Mic channels have three band EQ with sweepable mid. The spoiler is the high EQ - this is fixed at 12Khz, when you boost the high you will also hear 900-1500hz high mids being boosted - far from 12Khz! The sweepable mid has the same problem. The A&H EQ does not suffer from this, their EQ is precise. You do not want sloppy EQ on a band! If you have stray harmonics being boosted around those EQs, they add up and the frequency spectrum gets really cluttered. Most EQ should be used to remove problem harmonics using cut not boost. You need a precise EQ to do this. Behringer EQs don't work this way because their sloppy EQ remove not just the center frequency but the stray harmonics. Imagine trying to take some honkiness out of a vocal - by the time you found the right frequency/cut rate, you're sacrificing other desired harmonics in the vocal! Drums have stray resonances all over the place (ringing) that you have to control - you'll never get good control of drums with Behringer EQs. This is pretty useless in a band. The A&H EQ was musical sounding, the Behringer EQ sounds clunky. Dual 24 bit FX engines with the muddiest reverb I have ever heard. There are no parameters you can adjust. The only useful reverbs are ambience and gated, and that's not saying much. There are ten delay/echo presets but these aren't much good if you can't tweak the delay time. OK, so chorus/flange/phaser don't sound bad - but what the hell use are they when guitar players and keyboardists have their own FX on the stage? Drums? Flanged/phased drums get old fast. No pan control for the FX and groups. If you want dry/FX split L/R, you can't - no haas or stereo slap FX. Can't pan the groups? What good are groups if you can't pan them?
General Comments
I have heard all kinds of differing opinions on Behringer boards and reserved judgement until I had flight time with one. Behringers are the cheapest board on the market - for a good reason. You get what you pay for. I am unimpressed with this board. If you don't use the horrid EQ and FX, you're left with a line mixer and all those EQ knobs/pots are waste. That's not much value to a console at all. If you want a line mixer, buy a Peavey line mixer for the same money, it'll do the same thing in a lot less space. Now that I've tried one in my own hands, Behringer boards are unsubstantiated snake oil. A piece of crap. Needless to say, the A&H sold me even though it was three times the price. You get what you pay for.
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