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behringer EURODESK MX9000 Mixing Console
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 1st, 2004
by the_dingman
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Sound Quality
Perfectly transparent, with only a little bit of noise in the pre-amps if they are turned all the way up. This console sounds quite a bit better than the Mackie SR24-4 console we used to use.
I trust this unit quite a bit, it is built like a tank, and I don't see any flaws in the design. Due to the show we do, I do keep a backup board, just in case, but thats because we still have the Mackie SR24-4. The main reason for the backup though, is not from not trusting the console, its not trusting the room. Things tend to fall apart here, and there is always the chance an air conditioner may start leaking or a leak may devolop in the celing, plus some drunken idiot may wander in and damage the equipment.
General Comments
You will get different results with a given piece of equipment depending on what other equipment is running, so let me tell you about what I am running, so you know a little more about my results. This setup is used for a 50's show, with 8 singer / dancers, piano, bass, drums, guitar, and saxaphone, plus a vocal mic for piano, and another vocal mic for the guitarist, on occasion there is also a second sax and a second guitar. The eight singer/dancers and lead guitarist are using Shure Beta 53 Omnidirectional headsets, with Shure UT series belt packs and recievers. Bass, piano (yamaha clavinova), and both guitars run direct. Three wired sax mics are Shure BG3 with one wireless Shure SM58 UT series mic for the Saxes. All mics converge into a Behringer MX9000 Mixing console, with Behringer MX4400 or Behringer MX4600 Compressor/Limiters on each channel. Vocal mics run through two Behringer DSP2024 FX processors, one for some nice reverb on the vocals, another for the occasional odd vocal effect and a Behringer GEQ3102 31 band EQ, one for the four guys, one for the four girls. On the main inserts is a Behringer T-1952 Tube Composer, a Behringer DEQ2496 Digital EQ, and a BBE 362 Sonic Maximiser. Monitors also have an EQ, a Rane dual 15 band EQ, not sure of make and model. A Rane X-Over is used for a 3 way speaker system. A set of custom JBL mains with large horn tweeters & dual 10 inch Mids in the hanging cab, and on the floor JBL dual 15 inch subs. The mains are powered with Crown CE1000's for the tweeters and mids and a Crown CE2000 for the Subs. A Crown CE1000 is also used for the monitors (sonic, with 12inch woofers and horn tweeters). As you can see, I am using quite a bit of Behringer equipment, as the budget is not very big for equipment for the show, so I do not have any high end equipment that could compinsate for any imperfections Overall this is a great console, obviously its not the best sound quality you can buy, but for anyting smaller, like community theatres, schools, and small shows, this is the board I would choose (and did). You get great, high end features and sound quality for a good low price.
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