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Arion HU-8500 Stage Tuner
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 25th, 2003
by Rob-V0BmI
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Sound Quality
Doesn't suck tone any more than any other stompox. You will notice a slight loss if you use more than 4 non true bypassing pedals, this one included. I've noticed that stepping on the pedal doesn't completely mute the sound. If I have my amp full volume or use a booster pedal you can hear a VERY quiet sound of your note being tuned. The quiet sound is distorted and sounds filtered in this mode. I actually used it to record an odd lo fi guitar sound once (I had to turn up LOUD, use a booster and mike it up well). But under most uses you may not notice. You really have to have your amp quite loud. This is only present in the silent tuning mode. When the pedal is off the sound is normal. However the silent tuning mode is flawed for this reason.
It's a plastic pedal. This doesn't neccessarily mean that it will break immediately. I've used plastic pedals with no problems. It's not something you will really stomp on like a fuzz pedal. If it's on a pedalboard it will last you. I would be happy to drop it and it still work. It's more dependable than an EH pedal. MUCH better than a Dano mini.
General Comments
I had a choise between this and the Boss tuner. This one was half the price and I didn't think it would matter that much for a tuner. I would never usually buy a plastic pedal otherwise unless I was only going to use it in the studio. A tuner is essential, even if you tune by ear it's always best to check before recording because being even slightly out of tune will spoil your music. After a long session everyone can make a mistake. In live situations you can tune up mid song if you wish. A tuner really can save a gig. I HATE the sound of a guitar being tuned. I am disappointed the pedal does not track C or F (or sharps or flats for that matter) and that the "silent tuning" mode is not fully silent. I do not really use different tunings but if I did I would have to buy another tuner. It will be able to do drop D. However for the price it can't really be beaten. The display is clear and it's good VFM. It does the job which is all you need really from a tuner.
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