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Arbor Les Paul Copy
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 12th, 2017
by derb0t2099
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Sound Quality
So I got this guitar as a gift from a friend of mine who knew nothing about it.  Apparently one of his previous tenants used it as rent at some point... But for a Les Paul copy (second I've owned) this is actually not bad.  The pickups that I got weren't the original, the previous owner spent some coin to get the DiMarzio Petrucci pickup set installed on this thing and Holy Hell does it scream!  It's a screaming rock machine, notes ring on forever, the electronics are shitty though, so there is crackling when volume and tone nobs are adjusted.
So the wood and guitar itself is super sturdy.  However the cheap parts make playing this thing live a bit of an issues, specifically in keeping in tune, also I've broken a few strings while live on this thing, and that usually indicates a few not so good things about the hardware put into place, so I'd recommend replacing the nut, bridge and tuners asap.  Other than that, it's a solid instrument.
So I played this thing out along with a Friends 2010 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.  And play ability wise they feel SUPER similar.  The Arbor I have has a thinner 60 style neck but the feel, weight, fret work and play ability are VERY close to my buddies real Les Paul.  I used it for quite a few sets and it really does play and sound great (at least the one I have).  This past weekend I played a set with this and a set with my buddies Les Paul Traditional, the play ability as I mentioned is super similar.  I see these guys being sold on eBay and reverb for around 200 dollars or less, and honestly it's kind of a steel.  Especially if you want to do mods to this guitar.  I've done some digging and looked up more specifics on the Arbor Les Paul Copy.  Apparently it's a Chinese made Instrument made around the 80's, body is made from a Mahogany that's "Industrial" meaning they use it for furniture and boats and stuff.  Not exactly a tone wood, however it gets the job done.  Same with the maple top and neck, they are both industrial woods used as mentioned above.  They are well made I have to say, the binding is pretty good, the fret work on mine doesn't have any sharp or protruding edges.  For what you can get these things for used it's a hell of a bargain.  I'd recommend a few upgrades though, specifically caps, wiring, pickups, nut, bridge and tuners.  You can make this guy a REAL killer of an instrument if you put in the work.  It's the best Fix'r Up'er I've played and I've played quite a few.
General Comments
With some upgrades and a little work, you can make this guitar sing!
Reviewer's Background
I play actively in a professional worship band.  Meaning, pro equipment, isolation cabinets for the amps (mine being a Vox AC30), in ear monitors with pro audio software, super expensive PA system, light show, fog machine you name it.  I play at least 2 times a month on stage, around 6 to 8 5 song sets.  Our band plays modern worship meaning yes we do use overdrive, distortion, delays, reverbs, modulation etc. very often.  Have been a semi-professional gigging guitarist for over 10 years.  I know the ins and outs and what gear should do in a live scenario
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