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Applause UAE148 Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 12th, 2006
by Cicero
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Sound Quality
Plugged into my Acoutrasonic Jr. it's very good. WITHOUT an amp it is a very bad choice if it's your first "acoustic" ukulele. No projection and volume to get excited about and I fault the ply and the heavy gloss as partial reason. I'm comparing it to my Kamaka Tenor so it's not a fair fight, but you need to know what your getting. The high G strings it comes with...I think I fish with that stuff don't I?...are junk. They were off in an hour. Aquila Nylgut low-G work much better and at least gave it some tone unplugged. No noise except finger tapping on the strings a player introduces. I have NO complaints about it plugged in and I play it more like a four string classical guitar. It is heavy and is not a "hold like a normal uke" tenor. The back is "rounded" and slippery. The strap buttons a big help. Good intonation on the G E A strings, the C needs some adjust. Works great with my Fender, I'm still messing around with various settings. If your familiar with Ovations then this is just a little one and I am pleased with it apmplified. 6 for unplugged sound and 9 for plugged.
I think you could use it in a good bar brawl as a club and still play on afterwards. I would think it's just as reliable as any Applause/Ovation product and I bought this uke over other lower end electric acoustic ukes just because I trust the brand name and think it was pretty solid. I'm not worried so I'll give it a ten. Of course, your Karma may vary.
General Comments
A few years on uke, 32 years on Gibson guitars. I'd replace it with a high dollar electric/acoustic ukulele if lost or stolen from home. If used in gigs I'd wouldn't hesitate to get another. It's perfect for that. Here's where I must give this uke the TEN. Because of what it is, what I want it for and how it is pretty much negatives free I think this uke is a fantastic value for as a plugged in gig uke. ALSO, a BARITONE Protec case works great! I love it. The Apl.148 is too wide for a tenor case...beware...and the "Applause" uke/mandolin case didn't appeal at all to my taste.
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