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Alvarez AD60CK Artist Series Dao Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Cutaway
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 24th, 2004
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
When you talk about sound, you have to realize something very important >>**POLYURETHANE FINISH MAKES EVEN THE GREATEST SPRUCE SOUND LIKE CRAP**<<. Also, every foreign manufactured guitar (Alvarez, Takamine, etc., etc.) uses this finish which makes the guitar sound great >>**IF IT'S PLUGGED IN**<<, otherwise, don't count on it. This also inhibits the guitar's resale value. Typically, when a guitar has a good finish on it (i.e. not polyurethane) it will appreciate, which is guitars made before 1970 are so sought after. Also consider this, do violin makers use polyurethane? Absolutely >>**NOT**<<.
This is a very solid, well built guitar. It should last as long as anyone would want to play it. However, I don't feel like that will be a long time because it doesn't have the sound that it should have. It sounds great plugged in, but unplugged it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as it should.
General Comments
Really, this guitar sucks soundwise, but otherwise it's a great guitar. Because of the extremely poor tonal quality I'm giving this guitar a 4. My suggesstion, consider a Garrison for about the same money. I played one a few days before posting this review (BTW I'm trading this in for a Garrison G-30) and they are totally >>**AWESOME**<< the projection is amazing and I went to a guitar store today and played a $3,680 Taylor and the G-20 (Cedar top) sounded just as good, if not better, than the Taylor (Spruce Top).
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