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Alden Clarks bass
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 12th, 2009
by Paul Fox-2C853
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Sound Quality
I play in a sixties band, our own material but definately sixties think The Sonics and your on the right track. After some playing with the pickup height and the pole piece hight I found a very nice sound. I'm using Ernie Ball flatwounds and have the neck pickup on 8 with the tone on 4 the middle pickup on 10 and the tone on 10 this gives warmth and bite. I've read that these pickups are low output that might be true but I'm using either a 100 watt Trace Elliot for practice or a 400 watt Peavey Stack so volume is not a problem what I needed was an original sixties sound and I get that. Again I can adjust any little peaks and troughs with my Tech 21 VT bass pedal or my Seymour Duncan pickup booster. Hollow body basses just THAT sound and this bass does the job.
As I said I intend to use this bass live, I do have a Fender USA Standard Precision as a back up, but it's image and I hope this now with the upgrades serves me well. I put straplock buttons on as I do with all my basses but the originals looked fine and hadn't come loose. Time will tell how it stands up.
General Comments
Market retail for this bass was about żż375 when new and I'd struggle to justify the price when a good secondhand Epiphone Rivoli was not a lot more expensive and had the kudos of a well known brand name. That said I brought my Alden secondhand and am happy with the look and sound even though I have had to do some upgrades to make it robust enough to use live. This type of bass suits a specific kind of music but without it that sound is very difficult to imitate. I might buy another if this was stolen as there are not many semi's on the market, Jay Turser basses use some of the Alden parts as I believe they are made in the same factory. So Mr Entwistle, keep on making beautiful basses but try to use some modern conviences for us gigging musicians and try to give your customers some exposure of your company so we can stop the poor quality rumours and get on with enjoying these products.
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