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Akai AX-73
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 11th, 1999
by Cool Col J
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Sound Quality
If you want a synth that can generate a great number of analog sounds, look here! This synth has warmth and character, though it lacks Juno type bass responce. But its awesome resonance means, for dub or jungle type bass sounds this synth is the no. 1 choice, which nobody knows about!! The VCOs drift, which sound really good in dual and unison, and absoulutly massive when the detune is poured on, fortunately it has an auto-tune button :) The velocity responsivess allows a bit of expression, but the fact the sounds drift organiclly, means it sounds really 'expressive ' . You can even get a very good MinMoog sound in dual and unsion mode with saw waveform, especially with solo-portamento on. The variably pulse width on the sawtooth wave allows and amazing moog like sound! As I said earlier the resonace on this filter tears ear drums :) at 50%, its already screaming near oscillation, but wack it up to 75% it self-oscillates and up at 100% watch your bass cones! All this means, clean sounds don't come out of this baby, its got a thick valve-like warm sound with a mettalic industrial edge, but the filter seems slightly overdriven, with a 303'ish squelch to it. The glide sounds like a moog too! Its good for Oxygene type fx and clangey ring-modulation type sounds via the filter FM, even analog percussion can be patched here. Compared to my JUno 106 and Super Jupiter, it sounds more vintage - part Oberheim SEM, Moog like:) And for screaming leads that can blow a guitarist off the stage this synth delivers. A drak horse if there ever was one! I luv IT!
My machine has dust problems, some of the buttons get a bit iffy from dust. But apart from that - decent enough
General Comments
Its my second purchase, and I still have it after 10 years! DX100 , cz101s and tb303, tr-909 and 808s have come and gone (DAmn! I sold my 303 for $100!) But for me its like moog modular, since I only have a Juno106, Yamaha Tx416 ( four dx-7s in a rack) Korg wavestation and a roland s-550 sampler plus some software synths on my PC and AMiga. I'm really into synthesis, and this keyboard delivers, but its not a love at first type of synth, you gotta dig itno the nook and crannys
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