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Akai AX-60
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 9th, 2004
by perve
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Sound Quality
I have made some very unruly sounds on this machine. No it does'nt do realistic sounds very well, other than organ. You can make some usable organ sounds. This will work for alot of different types of music. Here, as with most electronic instruments, you are limited more by yourimaginationthan by the machine itself. I have read elsewhere about notes dropping out on he AX-60. That you might have two loud notes and four soft notes in sequence as you play up or down the keyboard. I was apalled to find that mine started doing this very thing and the AX-60 page at Synth Zone said this was caused by an oscilator going bad. I have discovered that many problems in older gear like this is caused by dust. I opened the unit and blew it out with canned air, cleaned the ribbon connectors and the sliders and the problem was solved. The thing is still a bit noisey, but too not bad.
I am not a gigging keyboard person so- no opinion. But since I cleaned it up it has had no problems.
General Comments
If it were stolen I would find another. It has a DIY quality that is missing from all modern instuments both hard and soft. I love that you can just tweak the sliders and discover something wild or subtle without digging through sub-menus or manuals until you forget what you were trying to do in the first place. This is something that all of the synth companies have lost sight of in the rush to build in more and more features. They have taken away the fun. The companion sampler S-612 is a hoot. It requies a special 13-pin connector to run it through the AX60's filters and envelopes. The cable is avaiable from the Redmond Cable Corp. 10 ft for about $50.00.Pagan
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