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Aguilar Tone Hammer
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 22nd, 2009
by Charlie Schofield-FPVRj
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Sound Quality
WOW! This thing really works well. The sound is WARM. I don't really miss having a tube. Either with or without the distortion the sound is pretty warm. You would have to try hard to make it sound bad. I think it is very easy to use; very intuitive. I use this to beef up some passive basses that I don't want to modify, by changing any electronics. You can EQ this thing so many ways. You might find it hard to decide which sound you like best. For live gigs I would dial in a great tone with my amp and then set up the Tone Hammer for an alternate sound; ie slap, or maybe a solo tone. I have never used distortion before, but I've been experimenting with this unit, and I'm liking it a lot. I find that a little distortion goes a long way. It's quiet. I don't hear any noise unless you boost the treble way up.
I haven't had the Tone Hammer for very long. It is built like a tank. Nothing flimsy about it. I don't anticipate any trouble, but I'll refrain from rating it in this category, to be fair.
General Comments
Playing bass is both my hobby and my full time work. I have tried out and owned lots of basses, amps, etc. I have other equipment that can duplicate what the Tone Hammer does, but I've got to say that this is an extremely capable and handy device. For it's size, function, cost, quality, versatility,and simplicity, it's hard to beat. Got a classic old P bass? Wish it was more than a one trick pony? (Yeah, I know..."But what a trick!") Try dialing in a nice fat slap tone and you'll be hooked. Dial in some distortion for some of the old Hendrix tunes - holy ----! It's hard to imagine NOT liking the Tone Hammer. I would replace it if it were lost. I could even imagine having two of these set up for even more pre selected sounds. Perhaps that will be a future version of the Tone Hammer!
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