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Adonis Unknown
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 21st, 2006
by Nutthead
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Sound Quality
On the first pickup the bass sounds very bright and the bridge makes it dark/warm. I'm using a Soldano from the 70s with a 4 10" speaker-cabinet. It just hasn't got enough low, but that's workable.
This is a very well built bass, it looks like it could stand a lot of pain and still play good (experience tells me that it really is!) The hardware is built as a rock, so I don't think to get any problems with it. Neck is very stabile! I think I get a set of straplocks, just for security. I never do gigs without a backup; for backup I use a hurricane 4 stsrin black; a Chevy 4-string Jazzbass sunburst or a Stagg Fusion 5-string sunburst (with other wireing, so it sounds real good)
General Comments
I've been playing bass for three years now, 'cause nobody needs a guitarist... I own a Adonis bass 5-string black; a Crafter D8 acoustic, naturel (great thing!) a Soldano amp form the 70s; a Marshall Valvestate BiChorus 200 (I respect it more and more everyday) And a 4x10" cabinet , about 1000 watts I would buy this whole rig again, cause it is my sound and it's mine :D I wish I had a Digitech BP8, a Silvertone Paul Stanley PSSN-2 and a Fender Telecaster I wish
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