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Acacia Custom 4-String
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 7th, 2003
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
I think I would describe the sound of my bass as Round and Punchy, It has a strong fundamental, and it sounds sweet and plesant from the deepest note to the highest note. That is important to me. Harmonics ring out loud and clear, which is also important to me. I find the sound palette of this instrument to be well suited to all styles of music that I play, and I would imagine it to do well also in contexts that I haven't tested it in yet. I have never used it in a professional recording situation. I play mostly live music.
This instrument has withstood live playing for five years, and I would be willing to bet that it will last another fifty. I constantly gig with it without a backup instrument. Never had any problems with it, except for battery failure (which in the end is my own fault). The finish is, as mentioned earlier, of the kind that needs to be re-oiled once a year. It is quite a thin finish, which is something I like; but it has never become damaged or scratched. The instrument has recieved a number of smaller bumps on its back near the bottom end: I usually put the instrument cable around the bottom strap lock, and the heavy Neutrik jack plug often crashes into the back side of the bass as I drop it in between the strap and the back of the bass. These bumps aren't visible unless you look closely at how the light reflects off the back of the bass. So even if this kind of finish does not protect the wood as well as other harder, thicker finishes; the bumps and scratches that the wood recieves doesn't show much. I'll give it a 9 though, because ideally I would have an instrument that is completely and utterly maintenance free.
General Comments
I have been playing the bass guitar for about eight years now. I have played this Acacia bass almost exclusively for the last fife years. If I'd loose this instrument, I'd probably quit playing, or beg/bribe Matt to build me a new one. I love everything about this instrument. I hate the fact that I can't have Matt build me a six-string bass, and that it's nearly impossible to score a second-hand Acacia. (If you have an Acacia six-string fretted bass that you'd sell, contact me!!!!) When I bought this bass, I chose it because it was half price - demo used. I live in Norway and had no chance to try it, so I just bought it. No regrets. You may see pictures of this bass at: http://hallgeir.no/bass/acacia/
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