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65amps Soho
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 28th, 2011
by jjtguitar
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Sound Quality
I tested all of the 65 Amps range, and none of them sound bad.  But the SoHo was the one for me. I even got to test the head against the combo, and again, the combo just had that...extra 1% I wanted.  Hard to explain, for me the SoHo combo was a little more sparkly, open sounding, probably due to the open back cab.  It chimes, it is incredible.  Again, words don't do it justice, neither to YouTube demos...You owe it to yourself to get to your local dealer and try one out. It isn't just the sound, it is the vibe, the feel of playing this amp...completely and utterly addictive.And that is before you start adding any effects!!!The master voltage circuit is useful for taming the amp (which is WAY loud...in a beautiful, not bad kind of way!).  The bump circuit is a mid-boost, which lets you crunch it up incredibly well.  There are so many sounds this amp can get!  I have the most fun when I switch out the master and bump circuits and just crank up the volume...Treble and Bass on about 4 and use the guitar volume to run the show.  One word...WOW!
I've only had it two weeks. Hand wired, built like a tank, and I have confidence that 65 Amps would back their product...so I'll run with a 10! I'll update this if I need to, but I doubt I ever will!  I wouldn't mind a padded cover, because there amps double as snazzy works of art deco-ish art, and I'd be crushed if I dinged it!
General Comments
This amp deserves straight 10s.  I know I have been using superlatives more often than Yngwie uses notes, but it IS THAT GOOD!  A great amp, nice and simple, sounds amazing. To top it off, it looks VERY cool, and the customer support is great. You owe it to yourself to find one and test one...but be warned, if you do, you'll be looking sideways at your mother-in-law, wondering...'just how much would I get for her on eBay?'
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