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4ms Duo Distortor Rouge
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 2nd, 1997
by bobby devito LVX NOVA
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Sound Quality
very good quality sounds, and good "thru" sound too, not too much coloration
i worry a LITTLE about the footswitches, but i'm REALLY hard on these things....i would use it on a gig no problem (already am!)
General Comments
3Ms effects....you may have checked out their website at: http://homepage.interaccess.com/~green/3ms/ or you may have read something about them on the newsgroups. custom handmade effects bu dan green at unbelievable prices. well, i decided to take the plunge and order a few of the interesting units, and here's my full report. i have used the pedals on both studio sessions and live doing gigs with my band down here in good ol' florida. first impressions: they are quite unusual looking, i always have people coming up to ask "what the heck are those things?". dan has housed his effects in electric junction boxes, and they plain look weird at first. i have mixed emotions about these, but i know they keep the prices down to the end user. they are painted in various colors. the parts used are of high quality, but the stomp switches seem a bit delicate. i haven't broken one yet though. i have tested and used the duo distortor, the tremelus lune, the fuzz jade, and the phaser fleur so far. my fave is the duo distortor pedal, it combines the fuzz jade and the distortion granite into one pedal. it's kind of like having a tube screamer and a fuzzface in one pedal, pretty cool. i REALLY like the fuzz, it reminds me of how fat and dynamic my FOXX tone machine is-and that's no small compliment! i can leave my precious tone machine at home and take the duo to gigs now instead and not have to worry about my drunken bass player stomping on it or someone spilling beer on it from the dancefloor. YES! the distortion granite side of the duo (both pedals are avaliable as separate units) is very much like a tube csreamer, but with a LOT more gain, and a bit more "bite", or top end. i really like using mine with a "real" tube screamer, the combination is really cool. i love having both pedals in one box, and for only $95, it's pretty cool. dan has also recently added a "rectifer" control, that adds a bit of "sag" to the signal like a tube recitifer does, and i use a little of that too. both of these pedals, or the combo, are winners! the tremelus lune is wonderful! mine has five knobs, you can control all sorts of stuff. i like mine VERY much, it does a great chop, or it can be as smooth as silk. there are two speed controls, rough and fine, and these can go from achingly slow to hyperactively fast. and the cool little green light pulses in tempo with the tremelo, nice touch! this is only a $50 pedal, and worth every penny. this one is becoming part of my "rig" for sure! the phaseur fleur is a great pedal, dan even put in a few extra mods for me, like a "ring" control to add in some ring modulation effects...but my partner saw this when i opened the box, and he TOOK IT! i will report on this pedal as soon as i can pry it from his hands, he always steals all my cool effects pedals so he can process drum loops, voices, ambient sounds, etc. i'm not sure if the phaser fleur will replace my vintage small stone, but it has five knobs of control as compared to the lone "rate" knob on my small stone, and that's a plus for a control freak like me! all in all, you owe it to yourself to check out these pedals. they are nothing like factory made BOSS or DOD pedals, so don't expect fancy packaging all all that nonsense...but they do indeed sound GOOD, and are different. i know that there won't be 10 other guitarists around here with the same pedals i use, getting the same tones. support your custom effects makers out there, they can make a big difference in your sound! :-) bobby devito----LVX NOVA http://www.sar.usf.edu/~devito
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