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4ms Atoner
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 21st, 2001
by Andrew J.-DKVd.
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Sound Quality
Ok, 10=pristine sound quality by Harmony Central's definition, but this unit is for noise! The pedal has true bypass and I cannot tell if the pedal does anything to my signal when off, but when it is on, there is soooo much going on that you won't believe what is coming out of your amp. I owned a Blue Box and I am a fan of noise (Sonic Youth being my fav band) and this thing is simply great. Although it can be unpredictable as is the nature of these pedals, you can recreate the shifting fizzes very easily. I probably should explain this pedal a little bit better here. You can go to 3ms/soundshimmer (www.commonsound.com) and read for yourself, but it added 5th and octaves to the original signal and there are LFO modulation controls which allow for the variation in the sound that comes out. Very much like an MXR Blue Box, but with so many more options to control the sound. The signal is processed into a digital chip, then back to analog which creates the "distortion" that is so abundant in this pedal. Very complex little box. I currently run this setup: guitars (single coil pickups, alternate tunings) - Arion Stage Tuner- ElectroHarmonix Bad Stone phase shifter (2 nob version, for phase, eerie vibrato shifting and pseudo-ring modulation sounds)- DOD FX51 Juice Box (better than a TS-9 for boosting, slight overdrive sounds) - Atoner - MXR Phase 90 - ElecroHarmonix Big Muff (green reissue) - Digitech PDS20/20 Multiplay (delay pedal with modulation controls)- Ampeg R12R Reverberocket 1x12 combo (looking to trade ths for a Fender tube amp combo with vibrato/reverb, email me!). This pedal compliments and complicates my set up well!
Well, the paint is post-nuclear orange-rust and the box looks plenty tough. Only problem I have had with it was no sound for a few minutes, but a tap on the bottom and the switch hasn't failed since. I keep my pedals in a modified suitcase with mattress liner (email me for instructions if interested, cost=less than $20) in it, so my pedals are always well taken care of.
General Comments
Go to www.commonsound.com to see pic (mine is the one made by Mitzi and is orange-ish). I need to rush now because I was typing this at the doctor's office (!) but I will probably update in the future, or just email me at hangwire@angelfire.com with anything else.
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