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3rd Power Amplification Systems HD100
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 15th, 2009
by Trent Bailey
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Sound Quality
I use every type of guitar/pickup configuration out there. The 3rd Power HLH100 sounds phenomenal with every one I use. I typically play Gibson Les Pauls and Explorers, but have used teles, strats, and a few hollowbody guitars with the rig as well. I've noticed that the amp really allows for the specific characteristics of each guitar to be more vivid. The guitars with similar style pickups don't necessarily sound the same. Each guitar has an individual sound through this amp. That's something I haven't experienced in any other amp yet. I play in pop-rock and classic rock style bands. The amp has already found its way into both settings. I originally thought I would have to use additional or different amps for certain situations, but the 3rd power rig is all I need for both. The 3rd power amp is a beast when it comes to lead guitar work. The amp simply ROARS when you unleash it. The head has a lot of gain on tap, but it isn't too overpowering. Unlike most amps, the 3rd power head doesn't lose a substantial amount of tone quality when the preamp gets cranked. It sounds great from 1 to 10.
This amp is very reliable. I have yet to have any problems with this amp, outside of my own stupidity. Within days of owning the amp I blew a fuse thanks to a mistake I made when connecting a cabinet to an incorrect ohm setting on the amp. The amp did what it was designed to do in this situation instead of allowing the incorrect match to cause real problems. I was able to fix this easily since the amp worked as it was supposed to. The superior construction and design by the 3rd Power crew makes this head the most reliable amp I have ever owned.
General Comments
Overall Rating = 100 out of 10. This is the BEST amp I have ever played, and I imagine ever will play. I've been playing guitar for about 12 years. I've used tons of amps (Orange, Mesa, Egnater, Marshall, Peavey, etc.) and although I love a lot of those amps, none of them compare to the 3rd Power, rig in my opinion. I don't know what I would do if something happened to this amp. It is an essential part of my rig, and one that I would immediately replace if I had to. This is my end all do all amp. I plan to support this company for a long time.
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