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3Leaf Audio Groove Regulator
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 14th, 2009
by Guitar Player-fihiz
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Sound Quality
I play a 2006 Fender Ash American Deluxe Stratocaster through a Fender żżż65 Super Reverb Reissue. The groove regulator sits second in my signal chain behind my Area-51 modified Crybaby. It's very very quite. It sounds great when dialed in. If you're new to envelop filters - it does not sound exactly like a wah. You can get similar sounds, but not the same. If you want to sweep on every note you'll still be happier with a wah pedal, which offers more control and room for artistry. The range of sounds you get from this pedal is limited by comparison (sweep range, sweep rate, ect...). You can still get some great funky sweeps. It is a different beast. It's very good for rhythm playing. I enjoy the Groove Regulator playing through a clean amp with little distortion. In my hands the effect is less pronounced when playing with a distorted amp or when I kick in my Keeley Blues Driver or Frankenscreamer (4th and 5th in my signal chain behind a keeley compressor). I do like a little compression AFTER this effect. Note - don't use a compressor before the Groove Regulator - the envelope function is related to signal strength/dynamics. I like this pedal very much - better then it's parent meatball or moog lowpass filter because it's easier. I do wish you could get a broader range of control for different sounds (it's somewhat of a one-trick-pony). I wish the decay (time control) had a broader range of settings as well as a broader, more tweekable, range (frequency range) control.
Built like a tank. The toogle switches are close to your toes, but I've never stomped on one by mistake. The input and output jacks are plastic (to save on costs?). I wish the were metal, but the work fine. The power jack also sits loosely in it's housing - it's not mounted to the box firmly - some electrical tape holds my power cord in well enough.
General Comments
I recommend this pedal. I think it's the best envelope filter out there - especially for bass (my bass player steals it from me every time I turn around). The price is fantastic for a hand-made boutique pedal.
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