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"The" Guitar Co. The '57 Vintage Reissue
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 26th, 2008
by snaredrum
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Sound Quality
i was originally buying this guitar to pull it to peices, as it was a very cheap but very good start for a project. i had my eyes on some GFS surf pcikups, and some other stuff. as soon as i got it out of the box, however, i changed my mind. the stock pups are very, very nice, with a lovely bluesy neck sounds, that strat quack in the mid settings, and a bright attack using the bridge. great stuff! i replaced the bridge with a wilkinson with vintage-style pressed steel saddles and a thicker trem block (which wieghed over 12 grams more than the stock bridge unit) to increase the sustain and give the guitar a more overtly vintage look, and this has improved the guitar's playability straight away. i play surf music with it, and have the tremolo set to work (my other strat, a blackie copy, has a blocked off trem like clapton's) and the tuning stability is ok. not great, but good enough. i use this through two vox valvetronix amps (30w and 50w) and this guitar plus fender twin setting, along with a danelectro spring king reverb unit equals surf perfection. it came with d'addario 9s on it, which i HATED. i've put some rotosound 10s on it, and these have really opened the sound up - given it more bite and presence. i love how good this guitar is for the price, and it honestly feels like a mid level fender (or maybe a top end squier). the tuners are maybe not the best, and i'll probably change these for some better kluson styles, but we'll see.
i'm using this guitar to gig with very soon, so we'll see how it stands up - i have the feeling i'm going to be checking my Boss TU-2 pedal between songs, but that comes down to the tremolo system. as i've already changed the bridge then the reliability question doesn't really matter. the strap buttons are just find. i never, however, gig without a backup.
General Comments
i've been playing for 15 years, and this is my second strat, having avoided them for as long as possible. now being more mature and interested in technique and tone, rather than just playing any old plank through a distortion pedal, i've come to love the sound and variety a strat gives you. plus they dont weigh a ton like les pauls :o) if this were stolen i'd get another one. it's really good value for the money, and having stuck a waterslide 50s fender logo on it, it looks for all the world like a proper fender. sounds a lot like one, too. i have a 'bitsa' eric clapton blackie strat as well, and that is great for blues stuff (12" radius neck = more space to bend) but the new strat works really well for surf and garage rock and roll, which is where my heart lies. all in all, it's a great guitar for a great price. and if you don't like the parts, buy one anyway and swap them out - the neck and body are easily worth the price alone.
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