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In celebration of its 380th Anniversary, the Zildjian Company has announced the introduction of an all-new special edition Zildjian Alloy snare drum. This new drum combines the sonic properties of the authentic Zildjian "secret alloy" with the design expertise of Noble & Cooley. Available as a "limited edition", only 500 drums will be made available for worldwide distribution.

Zildjian first worked with Noble & Cooley in 1989 to apply its exclusive cymbal alloy to the creation of a snare drum. This was the first time that any cymbal company had utilized its cymbal alloy in the creation of a drum. Available in two sizes, these drums have since become highly sought after not only for their unique sound characteristics but also for their extraordinarily high value on the "collectors" market.

Like the original drums, this new drum has been designed for Zildjian and Noble & Cooley by famed drum designer and percussion innovator Bob Gatzen. The drum features 4 3/4" x14" dimensions with an 8 lug configuration. In addition to the intrinsic sonic properties of the Zildjian Alloy, the secret to the very unique sound of this drum lies in the exclusive new "Groove Tone" process that is applied to the shell. The grooving process alters the timbre of the shell in a repeatable and consistent fashion. This innovative design affects fundamental pitch, vibration and resonant characteristics of the shell.

Unlike its predecessors, the Zildjian cymbal alloy has been cast into the one-piece shell utilizing a more advanced casting process taking advantage of the most modern technologies. This process radically improves the appearance and visual consistency of the shell. Precision crafted, the Zildjian "Groove Tone" shell is machined to +/- .005 of an inch in thickness, flatness and roundness. Also new from Noble & Cooley is the "minimal mass / staggered" nodal mounted lug system. This is a new development from NC that decreases and equalizes pressure placed against the shell structure.

Each drum is fitted with Noble & Cooley solid brass low mass nodal mounted lugs, exclusive Noble & Cooley engineered die-cast hoops, NC Solid brass, off-axis snare strainer and butt end, Evans Drum Heads, MinEmad dampening system, and Puresound 20 strand Blaster snares. All hardware is black chromed which when combined with the superb natural bronze appearance of the shell creates a stunning visual appearance.

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