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You Can Never Have Enough Rise, Fall & Sweep FX
With 'Rise & Falls' becoming one of the bestsellers of 2009 we decided to expand the Zenhiser collection of Rise FX & Fall FX to a whole new level! Ultra Rise & Sweep FX delivers an exclusive collection of rise fx, fall fx, sweep fx, glide fx, modulating drops and twisted flips to name but a few. Constructed from the ground up this four part collection took weeks in the Zenhiser studio to create and contains over 200 exclusive rise fx, fall fx & sweeps that perfectly suit nearly every genre of music. This is an essential collection of fx for all serious producers and a must for anyone looking to add that extra polish to their ongoing music productions. To simpy put it, when it comes to rise fx and sweep fx Zenhiser has got it covered. Link 1: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/Ultra-Rise-%26-Sweep-FX-01.html Link 2: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/Ultra-Rise-%26-Sweep-FX-02.html Minimal Tech One Shots To Lift Your Beat & Groove Production
For the concerted minimalist we would like to introduce 'Minimal Tech One Shots'. As the name suggests this a unique collection of minimal and tech samples including hits, slaps, tweaks, flips, pulses and more. Perfect for your minimal beats, essential for all tech grooves and a must for the articulated minimal tech rhythm. These minimal fx lend themselves to a multitude of uses within your music productions and come highly ranked from the Zenhiser camp. Don't over look these minimal samples, they will do wonders to your minimal and tech productions! Link 1: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/Minimal-Tech-One-Shots-01.html Link 2: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/Minimal-Tech-One-Shots-02.html
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