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Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Digital Musical Instruments, introduces the newest addition to its innovative CS line of digital musical instruments, the CS6X Control Synthesizer. This new 61-note keyboard combines the power of Yamaha's AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory, second generation) synthesis engine with phrase sampling, beat-remixing capability and extensive system expandability. The CS6X also features a highly refined, analog-style interface for sound editing, providing users with intuitive, real-time control over the instrument's sound.

"AWM2, 16-bit phrase sampling and plug-in board expandability give the CS6X the unique combination of features that the new breed of dance-production artists are looking for," notes Athan Billias, marketing manager, Digital Musical Instruments. "The CS6X is a truly state-of-the-art instrument that uses technology to deliver nearly limitless sonic and expressive capabilities."

To provide users with the widest sonic palette possible, Yamaha has included both AWM2 synthesis and a powerful 44.1kHz, 16-bit phrase sampler in the CS6X.Up to 256 separate loops and samples can simultaneously reside in the CS6X's 4MB sampling memory, allowing users to easily assemble a massive collection of drum loops and FXs. Plus, the Beat Remix feature makes it easy to modify those loops to create new grooves and patterns. To help make the transfer and storage of samples and programs as convenient as possible, Yamaha has also provided the CS6X with the ability to store data on 3.3V Smart Media cards with capacities of 2-, 4-, 8-, 16- and 32MB.

The CS6X's 16-part, 64-note polyphonic, AWM2 synthesis engine draws on 16MB of high-quality waveform ROM-including samples from Yamaha's award-winning EX5 synthesizer-to produce its sounds. Independent, multi-mode, resonant filters for each note provide extensive sound-shaping capability with direct, real-time control available for nearly all aspects of sound synthesis. This extensive real-time control is especially powerful when used in live applications or with an external sequencer, and it makes the CS6X one of the most highly expressive electronic instruments available.

Yamaha has also equipped the CS6X with an advanced multi-effects processing chip that allows up to five independent effects to be simultaneously active. These include chorus; a wide variety of reverbs; more than 40 insert effects, including such special effects targeted to the dance market as Lo-FI, Auto Synth and Beat Change; and 70 different variation effects. Any signal sent into the CS6X's analog input can also be processed in real time through the built-in multi-effects.

Further adding to the CS6X's power is the inclusion of a fully syncable arpeggiator containing more than 50 patterns and groove templates.

For even more control in real-time performance, Yamaha has included "Scene" storage and recall capability on the CS6X. This allows users to take a snapshot containing the current position of each control knob on the unit's front panel. Two different scenes can reside in memory for each voice and then be recalled at the push of a button. Different scenes on the CS6X can also be morphed between one another using the modulation wheel.

To help users make the most of this sonic power, the CS6X is equipped with 256 Preset Voices targeted to the Hip-Hop and Dance market, and 128 User memory locations for the storage of user-created voices. For multi-timbral performance, there are 128 user-editable performances that contain detailed settings for 19 parts (16 internal, 2 plug-in and separate part settings for the external inputs). An additional 128 performance memories can be simultaneously accessed if a Smart Media card is inserted into the CS6X.

The CS6X's pair of expansion slots allow for easy installation of any two of Yamaha's PLG line of Modular Synthesis Plug-in Expansion boards. Essentially a complete synthesizer on one card, each plug-in board can add both polyphony and new synthesis technologies to the CS6X. Currently, available plug-in boards include the PLG100-VL, which provides the equivalent of Yamaha's VL70m physical-modeling synthesizer; the PLG-100VH, which provides three voices of real-time formant-corrected vocal harmony with Gender Shifting; and the PLG100-DX, a DX7-compatible FM synthesizer on a card.

New to the PLG lineup at Summer NAMM are the PLG150-AN, featuring the same analog physical-modeling engine found in the AN1x; and the PLG-150XG, featuring a 32-note polyphony AWM2 engine and full XG compatibility. A fully expanded CS6X can provide as many as 128 notes of polyphony and as many as three different types of synthesis. The CS6X is scheduled to ship in October, 1999.

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