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"X Plus" may sound like the beginning of an algebraic equation, but for DJs and clubs it's the beginning of a new equation in LED lighting excitement. The electrifying new X-Plus LED Series from American DJ upgrades the company's popular X-LED Series effects (X-Move LED, X-Color LED, and X-Scan LED) with a stunning new breakthrough — an advanced high-performance white LED lamp source that's 30% brighter than the 20W LED previously used. This "plus" brightness is why the three new effects in the X-Plus LED Series have the word "plus" at the end of their names — X-Move LED Plus, X-Color LED Plus, and X-Scan LED Plus. Like their predecessors, all three effects use their high-octane white LED source as a hard-edge beam to project gobo patterns and solid colors across dance floors, walls, and ceilings. But although they produce more juice than ever, these high-power units still use a mere fraction of the electricity of a conventional halogen or discharge lamp, thanks to the amazing energy efficiency of their LED technology. "Our original X-LED effects represented a breakthrough when they came out, because they were among the first to use an LED source as a hard-edge projecting beam like a halogen or discharge effect does," said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group. "This gave DJs and clubs the best of both worlds — a beam powerful enough to project gobos and solid colors, along with the energy efficiency, long running life and low heat production of LEDs. "Now with the new 'Plus' series, we've made these top-selling effects even more powerful and exciting," added Davies. "We've increased their output by 30% and also added other optical enhancements, while still keeping all the tremendous user benefits that LED technology offers." Along with their 30% more powerful light source, the new X-Move LED Plus, X-Color LED Plus and X-Scan LED Plus utilize an improved optical system, which produces a sharper spot and better focus. Additionally, their colors are more saturated, and there's no annoying color ring around the spot as often occurs with LED effects. Extremely compact and portable, the X-Move LED Plus, X-Color LED Plus, and X-Scan LED are a moving head, color spot/gobo projector, and scanner respectively. Here's a closer look at each effect: X-Move LED Plus: a high-power DMX moving head, the X-Move LED Plus is smaller and lighter than conventional moving yoke fixtures, weighing just 10lb., making it great for mobile use. But don't let its size fool you — this petite powerhouse is loaded with electrifying effects: 8 colors plus white, and 8 gobos plus spot, on separate color and gobo wheels; a Gobo Shake effect; Gobo Scroll mode; Strobing; and 0-100% Dimming. Featuring a 14° beam angle, it can pan 540° and tilt 220° for wide area coverage. Despite its extreme brightness, it draws just 49W of electricity. MSRP: $839.95. X-Color LED Plus: A high-performance color spot and gobo projector in one. The X-Color LED includes one replaceable gobo pattern, along with 8 brilliant colors plus white. Great for projection lighting where fog cannot be used, it runs on 3 DMX channels for controlling Color, Dimming, and Strobe. It features a 13° beam angle, weighs just 6 pounds and has a meager power draw of 28W. MSRP: $419.95. X-Scan LED Plus: A mobile DMX scanner with X/Y mirror movement, the X-Scan LED Plus features 8 colors plus white, and 8 gobos plus spot, on separate wheels. When 4 units are operated in Master/Slave mode, they will automatically move into Pan/Tilt Inversion mode — scanners 1 & 3 will sync in the opposite direction of scanners 2 & 4, giving the look of a sophisticated programmed light show. Featuring a 13° beam angle, the X-Scan LED Plus includes a Gobo Shake effect and 4 DMX channels. It weighs 10 pounds and consumes 44W of power. MSRP: $559.95 In addition to being operated via DMX, all three units can be run without a controller in Sound Active mode using their own eye-popping built-in programs, or linked in multiples in Master-Slave mode. They're also compatible with American DJ's optional UC3 remote controller (sold separately). All three units also feature an easy-to-use 4-button LED display menu, convenient hanging bracket, and multi-voltage operation. Thanks to the cool operating temperature of their LED lamps, the X-Move LED Plus, X-Color LED Plus, and X-Scan LED can run all night without shutting down for duty cycles. Mobile entertainers can pack them up right after the show — no having to wait for a cool-down period. See the X-Move LED Plus in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skK4SUwT1VA See the X-Color LED Plus in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al8Xq3bnFZQ See the X-Scan LED Plus in action: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=xyA_R7W1d1g
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