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Wusik has releases full and demo versions of Wusikstation 2.2.6. The update includes:

  • Fixed Zero-Attack Envelope Click Bug. Samples starting at zero-offset were still clicking.
  • Added a Smooth code to the Wavesequencer Volume Changes. This makes GATE Sequence effects much better. Before they were reproducing clicks and pops.
  • Max number of instances increased from 20 to 200 instances. If you need more than 200 instances, freeze the track and set your host to un-load the pluging after freezing. Or contact support, we will provide a special DLL for your case.
  • New Filter IDLE code. Now if the filter is still outputing, the voice won't enter IDLE mode. This prevents a series of clicks produced by the filter when turning off a voice that had a filter still playing something. EG: high rezonance settings, deep low pass filtering and other cases.
  • Note: some of those fixes may increase CPU usage, but overall it should stay the same for most cases.

Download "V226_Update.exe" by using your Download URL. That's all you have to run in order to upgrade.

If you want to keep your files updated, you can also download the file "Wusikstation_VSTi_Files.bin" as it has the latest VSTi files.

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