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Sonic Network is shipping a new West African drum library, "Atsiã -- West African Dancing Drums", featuring a huge selection of African percussion instruments traditional to the Ewe Tribe of Ghana.

This unique collection of instruments features authentic handmade African drums not found on any other sample CDs. It was recorded at the legendary Blue Jay Studios where Sonic's Drum Series 1 sample CD was also recorded. The collection features 48kHz stereo samples, natural ambience, multiple articulations per instrument, and up to 4 velocity samples for each different type of hit. It also includes a selection of looped grooves of individual instruments, in both 4/4 and 6/8 time.

"This is a sample library unlike any other," explained Jason Jordan, Sound Designer at Sonic Implants. "The Ewe tribe is located in the Southeastern section of Ghana in the Volta region. Originally the songs and dances of the tribe were performed before war, but in modern times mostly for rituals and dance. "Atsiã ", meaning, "style" or "to display", is a social dance considered by most to be one of the oldest styles of dance and music in West Africa. It is a collection of songs and dances created by the Ewes, used in rituals and recreation for hundreds of years."

The CD is large, over 400 Megs, with instruments not found in any other sample library. They include:

  • Floor Drums: Apentema, Atsiãmevu , Boba , Djembe, Dunumba, Gome, Kaganu, Kenkeni, Kpegisu, Kidi, Kloboto, Kpanlogo, Nigerian Log Drum, Sangban, Sogo, Totodzi
  • Frame Drums: Gungon, Macana Surdu, Piccolo Snare, Tamelen
  • Talking Drums: Dundun, Lunga, Tama
  • Bells, Shakers and Snaps: Afoxe, Axatse, Caxixi, Finger Snaps, Frogs Eggs, Gankogui Bells, Ganza, Iron Castanets, Kenken Bell, Large Basket, Maracas, Shekere, Toke Bell

Atsiã is available in Gigasampler, Kontakt and Soundfont formats and is priced at $229.95.

MP3 demos and more information are available at the Sonic Implants web site.

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