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During the 123rd AES Convention, The Professional Monitor Company unveiled the remarkable Wafer™ Series of in- and on-wall monitors. The Wafer Series comprises two models, available in dedicated on-wall or in-wall formats: the On-wall Wafer 1 and In-wall/In-ceiling Wafer 1-iw incorporate a 5.5-inch LF driver, while the On-wall Wafer 2 and In-wall/In-ceiling Wafer 2-iw incorporate a 6.5-inch LF driver. All systems feature PMS's proprietary ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology.

"Until now," considers Maurice Patist, PMC USA's VP Sales and Marketing, "the audio fidelity of in-wall and on-wall loudspeakers has always suffered due to unavoidable design flaws. Our PMC installation series addresses all of these issues by way of numerous innovations unique to the brand."

The Wafer Series' unique internal structure implements PMC's Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) technology, a direct descendant from the company's professional studio range of loudspeakers. The ultra-shallow H-Line interior of each Wafer Series cabinet is divided to create a long chamber, which is in turn lined with carefully chosen acoustic treatments. The result is a far louder, deeper and more clearly-defined bass extension than from any conventional design, and the listener is presented with a huge, expansive sound from a modest-sized box.

Using steerable image techniques, PMC's TT/ Twin Tweeter Technology™ enables horizontal and vertical placement—both higher and lower than the listener—without limiting sonic performance. "Standard in-wall designs are compromised by the large surface area of the wall or ceiling around them," Patist says. "But PMC's acoustic specialists have developed a unique, structured and absorbent surface—aptly named StealthBaffle™—that prevents unwanted reflections from the front baffle and the surrounding wall or ceiling. Instead, the design concentrates untainted audio directly into the listening space." The Wafer 1-iw and 2-iw in-wall models are equally applicable to ceiling mounting, and fit virtually flush to the surface. The slim-line grille and frame can be painted to blend with the chosen décor.

"The end results are magical," Patist concludes. "With little to distract the eye, the listener can relax and enjoy a vast sonic soundscape regardless of their position; there is nothing to stand in the way of a musical performance's true emotion or the dynamic excitement of a motion picture soundtrack."

In addition, at a specially organized event its Demo Room 1E11 PMC will use a BB5-XBD-A Monitoring System to demonstrate an array of the highest quality, cutting-edge surround mixes; there will also be refreshments on hand. Tickets for this must-hear event will be available at PMC's booth during show hours.

Wafer Series In-wall/On-Wall Flat-panel Loudspeakers

Wafer 1 is the more compact of the two models, best suited to installations where a discreet and elegant look is all-important, but quality of audio reproduction remains paramount. "The Wafer 1 is an ideal accompaniment to the latest in high-resolution visual displays to create a supreme cinema experience," Patist offers, "or as a compact yet high-performance stereo system." Wafer 2 follows identical design cues and contains the same innovations as Wafer 1. The larger cabinet allows for a larger and more robust bass unit providing the Wafer 2 with enhanced LF extension and the ability to achieve higher volume levels. Utilizing steerable-image techniques, PMC's unique Twin Tweeter/TT Technology™ enables horizontal and vertical placement above and below the consumer's seating location, without limiting performance.

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