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U & I Software announced today that it has released VTrack 1.5, an OS X-native version of its revolutionary video sequencer with integrated ArtMatic rendering.

VTrack 1.5 is an OS X-native (and OS 9-compatible) update to U&I's eight-track video montage and special effects tool that can mix QuickTime movies, DV streams, still images, sounds and ArtMatic structures. For video artists and musicians, it is a complete solution for the creation of art and music video, and it is a powerful tool for video post-production professionals. When combined with ArtMatic Pro (a fully-programmable graphics synthesizer), an endless variety of special effects, filters and transitions can be created because the integrated ArtMatic rendering engine allows VTrack to process its tracks with ArtMatic events. This extensibility frees demanding video artists and post-production professionals from reliance on expensive plug-ins. The imagination is the only limit to the effects and filters that can be implemented with the VTrack/ArtMatic Pro combination.

New features include: support for OS X, the ArtMatic Pro 3.0 rendering engine (which is up to 50% faster than before), support for sound-only events, ability to associate sounds with pictures and ArtMatic events, independently-assignable transfer modes for all events, project independent libraries for frequently-used elements, support for large library sizes, export as picture sequence and much more. Full details available at: www.uisoftware.com/VTrack

Elegant and engaging, this new tool frees creative artists from the constraints and restrictions of traditional video and graphics tools while featuring a streamlined user-interface that allows artists to focus on their art rather than on learning new tools. The VTrack CD includes a library of over 3,000 ArtMatic presets that can be used in VTrack projects to provide decorative elements, special effects and an unbelievable array of transition effects and color processes.

Each of VTrack's eight tracks can have its own transfer mode, allowing complex track interactions and compositing not easily implemented with traditional video editing tools. VTrack provides a powerful built-in library of video effects and ArtMatic events in the sequncence can process VTrack's tracks. VTrack 1.5 adds event-level assignment of transfer modes.

VTrack can be used either as a standalone video editor/sequencer for creating and rendering high-resolution, professional-quality QuickTime output or alongside traditional NLEs. The built-in tempo-based grid makes VTrack especially well-suited for creating music-based video.


Electronic delivery $249. CD-ROM $299. $499 bundled with U&I's ArtMatic Pro graphics and animation synthesizer. Retail distribution is provided by Eovia Corporation in the U.S. and Europe and by High-Resolution in Japan.

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