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Roland announced a major Version 2.0 software upgrade for the acclaimed VS-2480 24-track Digital Studio Workstation. This new software vastly expands what can be done on an optional external VGA color monitor connected to the VS-2480, as well as adding other powerful new editing and mixing functions.

With Version 2.0 software, users gain mouse-based control of individual channel faders, knobs and switches viewed on an external VGA monitor. Since the monitor can display all of the VS-2480's Input, Track, Aux Send and Effect Return channels at once, using the VS-2480's powerful 64-channel digital mixer has never been easier. For the first time, users can simply click-and-drag to set levels, EQ curves, dynamics settings, effect sends, mutes and much, much more.

Drag-and-drop editing also comes to the big screen with Version 2.0. Users can click on any audio phrase or region and quickly perform editing operations right on the monitor--including moving and copying audio using only the mouse. Users can also zoom in and edit waveforms right on the monitor, so that the tiniest details can easily be seen, large and in color. For increased speed, new onscreen menus provide instant access to desired editing operations.

Finally, since a lot of the work in a studio involves getting signals from one place to another, Version 2.0 adds a new graphical routing feature that makes "virtual" patching feel just like the "real" world. Using an optional external VGA monitor or the VS-2480's LCD, users can simply drag virtual patch cords to send a signal from one place to another.

Additional Version 2.0 software features include the ability to set the level of each individual phrase along with fade in and fade out times and curves. This makes it easier for doing detailed editing or solo "comping." Users can also experiment with 10 different auto-mixes to help them perfect their music.

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