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Voxengo is pleased to announce the release of Soniformer version 3, a
spectral mastering dynamics processor plug-in for professional music
production applications, available in AudioUnit and VST plugin
formats, for Mac OS X (v.10.4.11 and later) and Windows (32-bit and
64-bit) computers.

During its operation, Soniformer splits incoming sound signal into 32
spectral bands.  This makes Soniformer a powerful and precise tool for
mastering and sound restoration purposes.

Every parameter in Soniformer is defined by means of a graphic
envelope which is freely-modifiable and which may contain unlimited
number of control points.  Beside usual threshold, attack, release and
compression/expander ratio parameters Soniformer offers you control
over “stereo width” and “panning” parameters making Soniformer
an effective tool for stereo field adjustments.

Not only Soniformer offers you an easy-to-use parameter envelope
editing interface, it also features a comprehensive set of spectral
metering tools: you can switch between input, output, stereo
correlation and stereo balance spectrums.  The spectral gain change
meter which always presents on the user interface gives you an outline
of the overall signal power change applied by the plug-in’s
processing chain.

Soniformer features:

   * 32-band dynamics processor
   * Envelope-driven parameters
   * 32-band “analog” spectrum analyzer
   * Stereo balance and correlation meters
   * Multi-band panning
   * Narrow-band sweeping
   * Stereo and multi-channel processing
   * Internal channel routing
   * Channel grouping
   * Mid/side processing
   * Up to 8x linear-phase oversampling
   * 64-bit floating point processing
   * Preset manager
   * Undo/redo history
   * A/B comparisons
   * Contextual hint messages
   * All sample rates support
   * 11-millisecond processing latency

Soniformer 3.0 added the following features since version 2 (version 3
can be used in projects alongside version 2):

   * Stereo balance and correlation metering
   * Range envelope
   * Linear-phase oversampling
   * Multi-channel support
   * Multi-platform support
   * Routing matrix
   * Preset manager
   * User interface coloration
   * User interface re-scaling
   * Channel grouping
   * Plug-in instance naming

Introductory price of USD 89.95 will be effective for three weeks from
now, which is 20\% off the regular price of USD 109.95.  Upgrading from
the previous version costs USD 49.95 if previous version was purchased
earlier than 90 days from now: otherwise the upgrade is free during
this grace period.  Demo version of Soniformer can be downloaded
freely at the Voxengo web site:


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