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The Vogue Quattro is a standalone four-voice polyphonic PCM synthesizer with
scale-relative microtonal precision pitch-bend.

Its main features are as follows:

- four-voice polyphonic PCM synthesizer
- three oscillators per voice, each endowed with square wave sub-oscillator (1 or 2
octaves lower)
- true monophonic mode (plays three voices at unison, nine oscillators in total)
- 88 raw waveforms including white noise ␣ single LFO with 6 waveforms
- ring modulator
- easy-access modulation matrix
- scale-relative pitch-bend (self-adapting to tuning scale steps with microtonal
- 64 factory preset programs
- receives MIDI tuning standard SysEx messages
- compatible with Max Magic Microtuner mtx tuning files
- includes archive of 3,000+ tuning files

This synth is fully MIDI-operated, but since it's not a plug-in, you'll need to
re-route its output (e.g. through Cycling '74 free Soundflower) in order to record
it with GarageBand or any other audio sequencer.

The direct download link for version 1.0 (free license, 4.7MB) is the following:

And the official support page and mailing list on Yahoo Groups:

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