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Today Universal Audio announced the development of Vintage Compressor, the first addition to the Powered Plug-Ins family. Vintage Compressors will be the first in a series of analog emulation plug-ins which will encompass compressors, equalizers, amp modeling and synthesis. This news follows the announcement of the Powered Plug-Ins Pro bundle which is "powered " by the revolutionary UAD-1 DSP card.

The UAD-1 brings ultra-high computational processing to host-based systems - outperforming the DSP hardware engines of today's popular high-end DAWs. "The DSP requirements to accomplish accurate emulation are significant. In fact, before the UAD-1, there hasn't been a workstation platform capable of running the algorithms we've designed" stated Dr. Jonathan Abel, Chief Technology Officer.

" Other plug-in developers have attempted to emulate classic compressors, but Universal Audio will finally do them right" said Dr. David Berners, Director of Algorithm Development. "Our classic compressors will emulate critical subtleties such as attack and release times as well as mimicking the exact behavior of transformers, tubes and transistors. Our experience with the hugely successful Universal Audio Classics hardware line has taught us much about what makes these legendary products tick. We know - intimately - every quirk and trick," he added.

"Anyone who is just modeling the static characteristics of vintage compressors is kidding themselves. What is really important is its dynamic characteristics. The engineers at Universal Audio have addressed these issues successfully, with an impressive result." said Brad Plunkett, former Director of Engineering at UREI. While at UREI, Mr. Plunkett was responsible for the LA-3, LA-4 and various revisions of the 1176LN among other products. Universal Audio Digital Vintage Compressors will become available during Q2, 2001. Vintage Compressors will be the first in a full-line of analog emulation plug-ins which will include compressors, equalizers, amp modeling and synthesis.

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