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Total Integration of Hosting, Mixing, and Reverberation

Vienna, November 28, 2011 – The Vienna Symphonic Library team has accomplished one of their most  significant achievements, converging two technologies to bring forth a  stunning symbiosis of systems and workflows – Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 with one-click integration of Vienna MIR PRO. Both new software applications come with a host  of groundbreaking features. Free demo versions are available for  download at the Vienna Symphonic Library web shop. Registered users may  benefit from various upgrade discounts and introductory  offers for new users are available through December 15, 2011.

What is Vienna Ensemble PRO?

Vienna Ensemble PRO is a cross-platform mixing host with MIDI and audio LAN capability, hosting Vienna Instruments as well as third-party 64-bit and 32-bit VSTi/AU plug-ins. Vienna Ensemble PRO solves a variety of challenges that can occur  in any modern studio. Among a multitude of other features, it allows  users to run VSTi/AU plug-ins on slave computers (Macs and PCs, all  connected with a simple Ethernet cable), to use  32-bit plug-ins with a 64-bit host and vice versa, and to integrate VST  and Audio Units plug-ins with Pro Tools. One of the biggest time-savers  is the “Preserve” function that keeps all plug-ins and samples of a Vienna Ensemble PRO instance loaded when moving from one  sequencer project to another. Without it, users must reload their entire  bank of plug-ins and samples every time they change cues, often an  extremely time-consuming chore. What’s more, the included  EPIC ORCHESTRA, a free 9 GB Grand Orchestra bonus library is the ideal  entry-level package to dive into the virtual symphonic world of the  Vienna Symphonic Library. Since its first release in the fall of 2009, Vienna Ensemble PRO has been installed by thousands of users working in all kinds of environments, including professional and project studios.

New features of Vienna Ensemble PRO 5

The new Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 mixing host offers full surround support  adhering to ITU standards (up to 7.1), touch parameter automation for  total control of all plug-ins on slave computers, and a transport  function to start/stop the sequencer from within Vienna Ensemble PRO 5. The new audio input plug-in enables users to route audio signals directly from their DAW into Vienna Ensemble PRO 5, e.g., to turn it into a virtual FX rack on  their slave computer. By far the most outstanding new feature is the  optional integration of Vienna MIR PRO, which can be opened with a single click from within Vienna Ensemble PRO 5, routing the channel’s signal directly to the Vienna MIR PRO application.

Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 supports the formats AU/VST/VST3/RTAS and comes with 3 licenses for  setting up a network of up to 4 computers. An additional license of Epic Orchestra, a free 9 GB Grand Orchestra Sample Pack, is included.

Introductory Offer and Upgrade Discounts

Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 is available at an introductory price of EUR 215 through December 15,  2011 in the Vienna Symphonic Library webshop. As an option to  downloading, customers may order a USB flash drive for an additional  charge. The regular price after December 15, 2011 will  be EUR 235. The upgrade price for registered users of Vienna Ensemble PRO is EUR 40 during the introductory period and EUR 65 after December 15, 2011. The original Vienna Ensemble PRO has been renamed to Vienna Ensemble PRO 4 and is still available at EUR 195.

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What is Vienna MIR?

Vienna MIR is the first ever whole-space mixing and reverberation solution  based on Multi-Impulse Response convolution that was released in the summer of 2009. Vienna MIR introduced new concepts, new technologies, as well as  unprecedented sound to the world of mixing and reverberation, rendering  space as the unifying presence that merges every single virtual  instrument into one authentic sound experience.

Based on the central idea of a holistic “spatial mixing”, Vienna MIR merges all parts of the creative process into a single  intuitive workflow, allowing the user to interact with the virtual  players more like a conductor than an engineer. Its innovative MIR Control Icon offers concise control for positioning each  instrument on a virtual stage, changing its volume and stereo width, and  even rotating it within a fluid three-dimensional environment. The  software combines specific directional frequency  profiles and reflectional information from every instrument, assembling  all of the acoustic interactions into an accurate and satisfying  recreation of musicians playing their instruments in place and in space. Vienna MIR is much more than just “a multi-sample” of a hall –  and this is where it far surpasses any other convolution reverb  available on the market. The application hosts Vienna Instruments as well as third party 64-bit VSTi plug-ins  and delivers stereo and various surround formats on up to 8 output  channels. It includes a staggering 11,000 impulse responses from four  halls in the famous Vienna Konzerthaus, plus its grand  foyer. Further RoomPacks offering recording studios, sound stages (e.g., Teldex Berlin), and churches are available as optional downloads.

New features of Vienna MIR PRO

Vienna MIR has been rebuilt from the ground up and is now Mac OS X compatible. Including all tried and tested features of its predecessor, Vienna MIR PRO comes with additional audio inputs, AUX sends,  direct and stem outputs, LAN capability, full latency compensation and  MIDI remote control of user-defined parameters. Due to its direct  integration within the new Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 host it can be used with any common DAW and  provides for an ultimate symbiosis of workflows in the studio –  hosting, mixing and reverberation.

Introductory Offers and Upgrade Discounts

Vienna MIR PRO requires Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 as a mixing host. Since the stand-alone version of the original Vienna MIR is no longer available, the Vienna Symphonic Library  offers a bundle of both applications at an introductory price of EUR 835  through December 15, 2011. Registered users of Vienna MIR may download Vienna MIR PRO at any time, free of charge. More bundle and upgrade discounts are availabe at the Vienna Symphonic Library website.

About the Vienna Symphonic Library

The  Vienna Symphonic Library is an innovative, research-driven music  software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The team  continually strives to improve virtual  orchestral music production with special emphasis on authenticity and  ease-of-use. Vienna Instruments, the company’s virtual instruments in  AU/VST/RTAS formats, encompass an exhaustive range of solo instruments  and ensembles. The recently updated Vienna Instruments PRO is the most powerful software sample  player on the market, providing extended features such as Auto  Humanization, Polyphonic Legato, Enveloped Time Stretching, Adjustable  Tuning Scales as well as an internal Auto-Playback and Pattern  Sequencer. The Vienna Suite audio plug-ins encompass ten high-end mixing and mastering tools,  offering full 64-bit processing on all major 64-bit and 32-bit host  platforms. More information on the company’s DVD and download products can be found at www.vsl.co.at.

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