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Instruments need space, and the Vienna Symphonic Library team doesn't shy away from exploring it. At this year's Winter NAMM show the Austrian company presents new rooms and spaces for Vienna MIR and Vienna Suite Convolution Reverb, along with a flexible multi-computer LAN setup using the powerful mixing host Vienna Ensemble PRO. Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to the entire arsenal of Vienna Instruments in a wide variety of acoustic spaces and settings. The presentation stage is hosted by Vienna's American distributor, ILIO, at booth #6728 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center. RoomPack 2 for Vienna MIR
The first package of additional rooms for Vienna MIR offers three recording studios, built and owned by the Austrian Public Broadcaster, ORF, where thousands of international artists, ensembles and orchestras have recorded. The "Grosser Sendesaal", built in the 1930s, with its large stage and fixed leather chairs for the audience is a wonderful, vibrant place to record a symphonic orchestra. The dry "Studio 2" with extremely precise sound localization has been used for radio drama as well as film scoring and big band recordings throughout the years, and it is still a sought-after venue for all kinds of contemporary music. "Studio 3" can be thought of as the typical soundstage for any kind of acoustic and orchestral music ¿¿¿ especially film scoring ¿¿¿ with an outstanding evenness in its sonic imaging. RoomPack 2 is available at the webshops of the Vienna Symphonic Library and ILIO for EUR195/US-$295. Exclusive Impulse Response Libraries for Vienna Suite Convolution Reverbby Inspired Acoustics and Numerical Sound
For the first time, the Vienna Symphonic Library web shop is offering download products by other developers. All three new products include collections of impulse responses that are exclusively available for Vienna Suite Convolution Reverb.INSP:IR Impulse Library Vienna Edition
The INSP:IR Impulse Library Vienna Edition is a special edition of the multi-positional reverb sample library by Inspired Acoustics. It provides multiple stereo and true stereo impulse responses from ten renowned halls, some of them actually part of World Heritage, such as B¿¿la Bart¿¿k National Hall, Liszt Academy, Esztergom Basilica, Notre Dame of Buda, Szeged Cathedral and others. The download product with 230 impulse responses is available at Vienna Symphonic Library's webshop for EUR 199. Full Orchestral Reverb & Timbral Impulses (FORTI) and Small Ensemble Reverb & Timbral Impulses (SERTI)
FORTI and SERTI are innovative all-new additions to Numerical Sound's wide-ranging and lauded line of impulse libraries by Ernest Cholakis. They continue the excellence of collections like "Pure Space: Classical and Mystical Reverberation Impulses" ¿¿¿ recently named by iconic engineer Bruce Botnick (The Doors, The Beach Boys, Jerry Goldsmith) as "the best impulses I ever heard" and compared to "the chamber" at Capitol Records. FORTI and SERTI offer custom Timbral Impulses specifically for the Vienna Instruments String Collections, the world's first "Transparent Immediate Listener Targeting" (TILT) Filters, the first impulse-based Compartmentalized Reverb Collection for lush (FORTI) or intimate (SERTI) ambiences, as well as Ultra-Precision Instrumental Highpass Filters (FORTI) and Ultra-Precision Instrumental Bass Isolation Filters (SERTI). Both download products include several hundred impulses for EUR 145 per collection.
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