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SampleTank 2.1
(Click for a close-up)

IK Multimedia has announced more details on the new SampleTank 2.1, a significant upgrade to the sample workstation plug-in due soon.

The new SampleTank 2.1 software and sound features include:

Enhanced STRETCH engine - The new STRETCH 2.1 offers even more control over the pitch, tempo and harmonics with this unique technology. This allows the user to play realistic pitch bending and glissando performances, play chords with single line phrases and even modify the melody lines of phrases as well as synchronize different tempo loops together. The new NOTE and PHRASE modes allow the user to choose which analysis to apply to the sounds so that the most accurate result is achieved. Also the new HARMONIC PRESERVATION control allows full control of preserving the instruments harmonics when played with STRETCH. In the Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch section a new GRAIN SIZE control allows user to adapt the algorithm to various type of sound material for better shifting/stretching results.

Improved sound and performance - A totally redesigned re-sampling algorithm and a highly optimized pitch-shift/time stretch now make SampleTank 2.1 sound better as well as being more efficient on the CPU. This improved performance goes together with an enhanced stability and stronger platform integration, such as full compatibility with the new ProTools 6.7 features and more.

Stand-alone operation - SampleTank 2.1 offers also stand-alone operation which allows instant playability. No host or sequencer is needed to use SampleTank 2.1, only a computer and an ASIO, WDM or Coreaudio compatible audio card. The new standalone operation is perfect for live usage and for those that want to simply play sounds from their midi controller without having to open any other application first.

16 stereo outputs - SampleTank 2.1 now has double the amount of outputs than before. Route any of the 16 parts through up to 16 individual stereo outputs to achieve maximum instrument separation for the mix and allow for the most powerful combination of internal and external signal processing.

Keyboard and velocity splits - Not only can 16 part sounds be easily layered in SampleTank 2.1, but now instruments can also be spilt by range to have more than one sound assigned to different sections of the keyboard. This allows the user to have performance-oriented capabilities like playing a rhythmic part with one instrument on the left side of the keyboard and a lead solo with another instrument on the right. Splitting is possible also at velocity level which offers the ability to have certain multi-part instruments playing only when the keyboard is hit harder or softer.

Enhanced sound set now on 2 DVDs - The SampleTank 2.1 XL library will now includes 2 DVDs with a 7 gigabyte sound set of sampled material and more than 2,000 patches including:

  • Sounds from nearly every category of instrument with an emphasis on acoustic and electric sounds with loops, bass, drums, brass, guitars, pianos, organs, orchestral, percussion, strings, woodwinds, vocals and more.
  • Several new large sized multi-dynamic grand pianos, drums and organs for incredible realism and variety
  • All new rare instruments sampled around the world
  • Hundreds of new percussion loops provided as slices that can be played along with separate MIDI files for total control of the tempo, groove and feel
  • A diverse variety of instruments and phrases utilizing the newly updated STRETCH engine such as single line vocal and instrument phrases that can be played with chords harmony in sync, rotary organs with real-time control of the speed of the actual motion speakers and more.

Price, Availability, and Upgrades

SampleTank 2.1 XL will have a suggested retail price of $/Euro 499 and is expected to be shipping in May 2005.

All SampleTank 2.0 XL customers who purchased after March 1, 2005 will receive a free update to SampleTank 2.1 XL. SampleTank 2.0 customers who purchased before March 1, 2005 can upgrade to the new engine for free and take advantage of a limited time offer to get the new sound set for $/Euro 99. All SampleTank LE/SE customers can upgrade to SampleTank 2.1XL for $/Euro 299.

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