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Korg announced a number of OS enhancements to its D16XD and D32XD Xtended Difinition digital recording studios. D16XD/D32XD System Version 2.0 is expected to be available for download from Korg's web site in April 2004.

Features added with this new operating system update include:

Increased Number of Simultaneous Recording Tracks - The XD series now have more simultaneous recording tracks in 24-bit recording modes.

  • 12 tracks at 44.1/48 kHz, 24 bit
  • 6 tracks at the 96 kHz, 24 bit

Noise Reduction Function in Track Edit Mode - Recordings made under less than optimal conditions can be cleaned up. This is done by analyzing or "learning" a noise profile and then suppressing only the noise using this profile. Good for removing sustaining noise like hum, hiss, etc.

Larger PC Drive Partition - In addition to the previous FAT16 structure, the PC drive partition format now uses FAT32 structure to have larger partitions, 4 GB or 8 GB. Larger session data, or backup data can be transferred to/from a computer.

Dynamic Automation (for D16XD only - feature already available on the D32XD) - D16XD now supports Dynamic Automation Function to record/playback motion of fader, Pan, Channel On/Off, Send, and Expression Pedal dynamically. Recorded events can be edited by Overwrite or Punch Write in real-time, or precisely by using the Edit Event dialog box.

Fader Grouping/Channel On Grouping (for D16XD only) - The D16XD now supports Fader Grouping and Channel On Grouping. There are four Fader Groups (A, B, C, D), and four Channel On Groups (E, F, G, H) for flexible mixing.

Instant Access to Mixer Pages - Now, any page in Mixer mode can be assigned to the LOC 1-6 keys, and pressing the Mixer key and LOC 1-6 key simultaneously will jump to the page assigned to the LOC key, allowing instant access to the frequently used mixer pages.

More Use of Four Control Knobs below Display - Most of the parameters in Channel View can now be edited by using the Four Control Knobs below the Display for even more intuitive operation. This includes: Send (Eff/Aux), EQ/Phase/Rec, Input/Output/Ch Assign, Analog Comp, Solo/Monitor, Fader/Pan/Automation pages (D16XD: Send (Eff/Aux/Rec), EQ/Att/Phase pages).

Compatibility with other D-series recorders - Available backup data (audio data, Location and Mark Memory) on CD or PC drive of other D-series recorders (D16, D12, D1200, D1600, D1200mkII and D1600mkII).

These OS updates are free for all registered users.

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