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V12 Modular Snake
(Click for a close-up)

In response to the growing demand for greater flexibility and more compact snakes, Radial Engineering is introducing the Radial Convertible V12, a modular snake system that offers up to 64 channels in a mere 12 rack-spaces.

According to Radial Custom Shop Manager Steve Hopia: "In recent years, we have noticed an increased demand from sound companies for more audio channels in their snakes, while asking us to reduce the size to meet truck pack requirements. Add to this, regional preferences for multipin connectors such as the Mass 176 pin, the Veam 150 and 201 pin along with various others, we set about designing an impossible 'small elephant' that could both swim, run and fly! The result is the new Convertible V12."

"Keep in mind that all other snake systems employ a single flat piece of metal that has been punched to create a inexpensive front connector panel. This works fine except it limits the ability to offer options that today's more savvy engineers desire. A good example is stage zoning: More and more sound companies employ sub-snakes in key areas such as drum risers, keyboards and back line. With vocal mics coming in through these zoned sub-snakes, being able to crosspatch the channels at the snake head allows all of the vocal microphones to show up at the FOH and monitor mixers in an ascending group. This not only makes it easier to mix, but simplifies set-up and tear down. The V12 breaks tradition by offering a fully modular design that lets the engineer structure his snake system to meet his needs."

The Convertible V12 features two racks inside a standard 19" rack with front and rear rails. A series of 8-channel input shelves with choice of direct or transformer isolation form the basic building blocks. These heavy-duty shelves feature I-beam construction with an insulated crossbeam to cradle and protect the transformers from the rigors of concert touring and broadcast. A variety of output configurations are available to allow the engineer to specify XLRs and or choice of multipins including the Cannon Mass 176 (Whirlwind) hermaphroditic, the Veam 150 and 201 (circular bayonet) and others.

Other important options include stage zoning to accommodate various multipin connectors and their associated 8, 12 and 16 channel sub snakes and of course cross patching for those that want the ultimate in snake deployment freedom.

Hopia continues: "Because of the fully modular approach, the engineer merely dreams up his design we can quickly configure the system for his needs. This benefits the customer with reduced costs while opening the door to greater freedom. Best of all, should his needs change, he can reconfigure the V12 to meet his growing needs!".

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