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Half  the size of the rock-solid leading Crossfade LP, M-80 fuses Pure Noise  Isolating Sound, Military-Level Durability and Timeless Materials

Los Angeles – August 11, 2011– V-MODA, the multi-platinum selling maker of headphones trusted by the  pros and elite, deploys its best-sounding metal masterpiece yet, the  Crossfade M-80.  Masterfully tuned by a legion of legendary musicians,  producers and DJs, M-80 packs unique materials, professional acoustics,  natural noise isolation, ultimate ergonomics and military-level  ruggedness into a design 53\% smaller than its now legendary, over-ear  sibling, Crossfade LP. M-80’s first-class materials are virtually  indestructible including a steel frame, STEELFLEX headband,  interchangeable brushed metal shields, durable microfiber suede and  replaceable memory foam cushions.   The M-80 also comes fully loaded  with two Kevlar-reinforced microphone cables for universal smartphone  compatibility and an exoskeleton carrying case for added road warrior  armor.

Pure Sound – Bespoke Fit

The nucleus  of M-80 is its patent-pending and biggest-in-class 40mm Dual-Diaphragm  Drivers that deliver multi-driver sound with the energy efficiency and  consistent quality of a single driver.  To recreate a pure balanced  sound analogous to Vinyl, M-80 uses no batteries or artificial sound  processing and instead relies on immortal acoustic techniques. The  masterfully crafted V-PORT V3 provides natural noise isolation,  life-like staging, vibrant bass, vivid mids and vivacious highs.  By  utilizing a 31-band EQ with select master musicians and producers, every  step of the frequency response curve was finely sculpted.

The  headphone also offers long-play comfort through a tailored, fashionable  fit without unsightly gaps and minimal pressure on the head and ears,  the result of years of ergonomic research. Since the fit is the sound,  M-80 utilizes replaceable supple memory foam cushions, a bespoke  STEELFLEX headband and tactile arm extensions. This tiny dancer can  bend, move and twist like no other.

Salute to the Masters
“After  years of research, design, and testing, this is truly the finest  addition to our acoustic arsenal we have ever developed. Rome wasn’t  built in a day, and similarly it took almost half a decade to fuse the  durability of an M1 Abrams tank, timeless Vinyl sound, Italian-suit  elegance and exotic motorsport materials into the compact Crossfade  M-80,” says Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO and DJ.  “In the sound-age of  over-processed digital compression and disposable plastic products, our  virtues were to develop a quality product that salutes the true masters  of music, machines and materials.  It’s an incredible value for hi-fi  sound and sophisticated style that says as much about you as your shoes,  watch or car.” 

trueHERTZ – The Revelation of Headphones
Most  headphone marketing is simply not telling the whole truth – headphones  often break too fast and every unit sounds different due to quality  control variance and individual fit. Upon this revelation, V-MODA  invested heavily on a crusade to create a rugged product that provides  the greatest sound for the greatest amount of people.

V-MODA’s  trueHERTZ and materalEDGE initiative reveals the sound, materials,  engineering and quality control processes shielding the ever-present  dangers to defenseless headphones.

“I vowed to never sell a  headphone I wouldn’t use myself, and as a producer, DJ and engineer  always on the go – M-80 is knighted by quality,” said Kolton.

The  M-80 is tested under strict MIL-STD-810G military testing and V-MODA’s  even more stringent VMQA guidelines, of which a few are listed below.

MIL-STD-810G and V-MODA Quality Tests

•     Kevlar reinforced detachable cables and 45-degree plug strain relief  can each bend more than 1 million times, over 100x industry standards
•    Survives 70+ drops on concrete from 6 feet, approximately three times the industry standard
•    Headband can bend 10+ times flat, without breaking and retain its memory and shape
•    Virtually inaudible sound variances across the spectrum of less than 2dB from unit to unit versus 10-30dB+ of inferior products
•    MIL-STD-810G environmental tests including high and low temperatures, humidity, salt spray and UV exposure

M-80 Features:

•    Stylish interchangeable ear shields
•    Detachable Kevlar®-reinforced cables with 24k gold-plated plug
•    One 3.5mm fabric cable with a three-button remote control optimized for Apple products
•     One 3.5mm fabric cable with a one-button microphone universally  compatible with all audio, tablet and 3.5mm smartphone products  including Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7
•    Hard exoskeleton carrying case, ensuring headphones are protected in style
•    Two-year V-MODA premier warranty
•    Immortal Life Replacement Program – 50 percent off lifetime discount to replace consumer-damaged headphones

The Crossfade M-80 retails for $230.00 and is available today at V-MODA.com and select retailers worldwide including Radio Shack.  

V-MODA  is the true music lifestyle brand that is distinguished by its  fashion-forward design, unparalleled quality and unequivocal passion for  music and materials. Led by professional DJ and Chief Visionary  Officer, Val Kolton, V-MODA products blend the inspiration of Italian  design, the essence of music, and the charisma of Hollywood. Together  with design extraordinaire Joseph Bucknall, the worldʼs most influential  producers, musicians and DJs, V-MODA is constantly challenging the norm  and forging the remix revolution. For more information, please visit  V-MODAʼs website, V-MODA.com.

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