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VIP edition boasts detachable cord, carrying case and four sizes of hybrid silicone fittings for optimal convenience and comfort

Finely tuned earplugs defend from life-long hearing loss at concerts, clubs, racetracks and other loud events

LOS ANGELES – May 10, 2012 - V-MODA,  the maker of award-winning and critically acclaimed headphones  including the Crossfade M-80 and LP, is amped to announce the latest  addition to the Ear ArmorTM hearing protection line, Faders VIP. 

Like the original Faders, the VIP edition protects your hearing by  evenly reducing harmful noise levels by 12dB across the frequency  spectrum, while still allowing for music and speech to pass with crystal  clarity.  The noise reduction can make the difference between an enjoyable listening experience and lifelong hearing loss. Tuned by professional DJs, producers, doctors and featuring four sizes  of medical grade fittings to fit even the smallest and largest of ears,  Faders VIP also boasts a new detachable cord and a high quality carrying case giving club, concert and event-goers  advanced hearing protection.

“Last year’s launch of Ear Armor, Inc. created a windfall of amazing  feedback from musicians to race and concert-goers.  Loud events coupled  with the popularity of smartphones, MP3 players and headphones have  created a pandemic of hearing loss in everybody from kids to adults and too little is being done to stop it and educate  customers. Faders are a universal solution to fully enjoy music and  conversations without the damaging effects of higher decibels that cause  irreversible noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus,” says Val Kolton, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of  V-MODA. “Both the cheapest foam and the most expensive custom ear plugs  can muddle sound quality and push debris too far into your ear canal  causing even more damage to your ears.”

The concept for Ear Armor and Faders was born when V-MODA founder and  accomplished DJ, Val Kolton, was in Spain with fellow legendary DJ,  Erick Morillo. During Erick’s set, Kolton noticed the sound level meter  of the dance floor in the DJ booth.  He had an immediate epiphany that DJs were unknowingly spinning at unsafe sound  levels because the speakers in the DJ booth and dance floor are at  separate volumes and the sound levels far exceed safe limits.  While Val  had used custom earplugs himself for many years, they were too expensive, fit too far in the ear canal and did not have  good enough sound for playing live or for the masses.

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