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CS-80V in Multi-Mode
(Click for a close-up)
Minimoog V "Closed"
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Minimoog V "Open"
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Arturia has released updates for two of their classic synthesizer recreations, the CS-80V 1.2 and minimoog V 1.1.

The updates are free to registered users of the instruments, and offer updated AudioUnit compatibility for the latest version of Logic and the AU standard.

Specific additions in version 1.2 of the CS-80V include:

  • Ribbon controller: In response to requests, the Ribbon controller now offers the exact same behavior as the original. A linear variation of the oscillators' frequency is possible, while the first mouse-click sets a relative position as a starting point.
  • Modulation matrix: The keyboard-follow has been added in the modulation sources available.
  • Copy and paste "singles" from one preset to another: it is now possible to select one "single" in any existing preset and paste it directly in another preset. This is particularly useful for creating rich multi-timbral presets efficiently.
  • Polyphony (In the Multi-Mode setup): On each 8 "single" voices, possibility to manage from 1 to 4 polyphonic voices. For multi-timbral 8 "single", the polyphony is not limited to 1 voice, but to 4.
  • Ability to set up the plug-in in multi audio output (8 "single" outputs and 2 master outputs). In the "Multi Mode" setup, the host sequencer will recognize 10 outputs instead of 2; the 8 "single" outputs and the 2 master outputs.
  • Various bug fixes including management of the tempo synchronization in Pro Tools, synchronization of the MIDI tempo from the host application with the arpeggiator, variable pulse width of the second oscillator, the ring modulator now plays on both voices, and others.

The minimoog V version 1.1 update is primarily a bug fix release:

  • For Pro Tools: the management of the tempo synchronization was not working correctly in all configurations. This problem has now been solved.
  • Pitch bend: On the previous version, the tuning was false when the pitch-bend was at its maximum. This is no longer the case.
  • Sample frequency: Switching from one sample frequency to another was hard to manage in some cases. This bug has been corrected.
  • Update of the Filter, based on the latest improvements on the TAE algorithms.

These upgrades are free to all registered users and can be downloaded from Arturia's web site.

Both the CS-80V and minimoog V are available for Mac and Windows, capable of running standalone or as a plug-in, supporting a range of different plug-in formats.

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