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Amazon, Google, and Apple have recently announced their own versions of cloud
services, that promise to free up users' digital music collections by offering
easily-accessed storage space. What do Apple's iCloud and iMatch mean for the
independent musician? How do songwriters receive public performance royalties from
cloud-based service plays? And how does TuneCore fit in? TuneCore Founder/CEO Jeff
Price and Future of Music Coalition Deputy Director Casey Rae-Hunter will have a
live discussion to help make sense of a cloudy topic. This live chat will be
broadcast via USTREAM here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tunecore-live

The conversation will explore a number of topics including:

-What opportunities do cloud services bring for independent artists?
-Do TuneCore Artists get to elect which of their songs and albums go into the iCloud?
-What are the differences between the Google, Amazon, and Apple services?
-Will Apple dominate the "cloud scene" ?
-Do musicians benefit from multiple cloud services? Or do more services hinder the
-How will Spotify's U.S. launch effect the digital market?
-TuneCore gives all artists access into the top digital music stores. How do they
negotiate on behalf of their DIY artists?

About Future of Music Coalition:
Future of Music Coalition (FMC) is a national non-profit education,
research and advocacy organization that seeks a bright future for
creators and listeners. FMC works towards this goal through continuous
interaction with its primary constituency -- musicians -- and in
collaboration with other creator/public interest groups.

About TuneCore:
TuneCore is the largest distributor and has one of the highest revenue-generating
music catalogs in the world: In the past two and a half years TuneCore Artists have
sold over 300 million songs via paid download or stream, grossing over $130 million
dollars in gross music sales and another $100 million in songwriter revenue.

TuneCore is a low, flat fee service that distributes music to iTunes, eMusic,
AmazonMP3, Nokia and many other major download and streaming sites while taking no
rights and no revenue from the sale of the music. Since its launch in 2006, TuneCore
has distributed tens of thousands of albums and millions of songs to iTunes and
other digital stores by Grammy winners and unsigned artists alike. TuneCore artists
include Drake, Beck, Jay-Z, Aretha Franklin, Keith Richards, Public Enemy, Nine Inch
Nails, MGM Studios, Bjork, Moby, High School Musical cast members, Starbucks and
tens of thousands more.


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